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    Some backstory first...

    This is actually my 3rd interview (scheduled for Monday) for UPS in one month, and all 3 interviews where for 3 different locations (Vernon, Baldwin Park, L.A.).

    I totally bombed on my first interview because I expected to have my interviewer ask questions and have me elaborate on my answers. Only his questions were very short and direct "Can you lift 70lbs? Do you have reliable transportation? Why do you want to work at UPS?", so my answers were very brief.

    Before I knew it, he was shaking my hand, and I was walking to the parking structure after an interview that lasted maybe 45 seconds, no joke.

    It didn't help that 80 people applied for 5-6 positions (his words), and I was the second to last person that was interviewed (I got the feeling the guy wanted to get out of there, seeing as he had been there for 3 hours, and it was lunch time).

    Anyway, my second interview went considerably better, because I knew what to expect, and thought I had a fair idea of what he/UPS was looking for. I also forgot to mention the man conducting the 1st interview, actually conducted the 2nd as well (he did not recognize me).

    I walked away saying to myself "I totally nailed that interview. There's really nothing else I could have said that would have made me look any better."

    No dice. I waited 3 days, and Friday came and went.

    So my question to you vets is: What is UPS looking for in new employees at this present time? Do they not want people who are looking to stay long-term? Are they giving first consideration to applicants who currently in school?

    Any tips you can provide me would be appreciated. I really need this job (I've been looking for work for the past 6 months), and being turned away 2 separate times from UPS is truly disappointing, because I know I can do the work. It would gut me if I struck out for a 3rd time. :biting:

    Also, about 3 weeks took place in-between my first and second interview, so it didn't surprise this guy didn't recognize me. But my last interview was last Wednesday, while my next interview is this Monday. If the same guy conducts these interviews Monday, how does that affect me if he recognizes me? Do I stand a better shot because he sees me applying again, and for a different location? Worse? None at all?

    I apologize for the length. I wanted to be as detailed as possible, and like I said, I really need this job. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Key things you need to focus on

    1. That you have the ability to work quickly and accurately
    2. You like doing hard work and drop a line about liking the idea of getting a workout while at work.
    3. You can show up to work on time and don't call in sick.

    From what I have seen you do get bonus points for being a student. I'm really not sure if they are looking for people who want to stay long term based on our recent new hires. Most our new people are in school and only want to stay for 2-3 years, which is probably the time frame before the hard work starts wearing them down. For the kind of position you are applying it makes more sense to keep people a shorter time and cycle in fresh healthy bodies often.

    Also, you will be relying on UPS as your primary source of income correct? In my area they prefer to hire people who are getting UPS as a second job, own their own business, are still living at home and going to school, etc. They know that you can’t survive on PT pay at UPS so they figure you will probably end up leaving shortly after being hired.

    Make sure you don't focus too much on being a driver or wanting to advance. You need to focus on the fact that you want the job you are applying for, not the job you could possibly have in the future. The wait time to be a driver, especially in a slow economy, can be long and people who only work here to become drivers will often get discouraged once they find out how long they actually have to wait. Also once you see how much hassle the drivers have to put up with on a daily basis you may decide that you have no interest in driving at all (much like 90% of the pre-loaders in my building).

    So make sure you focus on being able to do the job you are applying for, that you don’t need to rely on it for your primary source of income, and that you aren’t too focused on becoming a driver, but would be happy working just for meager pay and great benefits.

    Hope some of that helps. If you were in my area I would just give you my job. :)
  3. IzzyTheNose

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    Awesome feedback!

    One thing I did omit from my interview was that I really wanted to use the job to attend school full-time in January, so I'll definitely mention that tomorrow. I just hope it's enough to get that second interview.

    I really tried to hammer the point home that I have past experience working in a large high volume distribution center, so I was familiar with the how the operation worked, the physical demands that come with the job, and the fact that I could handle all of it.

    I did mention that the advancement opportunities were at the top of the list as to why I wanted to work with UPS, so I'll ease off on that this go 'round.

    Thanks again for the advice and tips! I really appreciate it.
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    IF YOU DONT NO What to say in ainterview you are doomed seeya/.
  5. klein

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    Izzy, don't worry about that comment. I believe you aced your interview.
    I just had one myself. Walked out nice and full of pride, because I exactly did the same.

    You'll get hired. Peak comming up, they need everyone.
    And have fun with UPS ! Might be a bit stressful, but you'll get used to it, besides the hrs go by faster.
  6. rocket man

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    IZZY LISTEN TO KLINE ASK HIM WHERE HE WORKS YEA YOU ACED YOUR INTERVIEW.I forgot to get klines input befor i answered your post/
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    Positive attitude helps, not desperate, positive. Let them know you would be proud to work hard for UPS, and your abilities to do so. Keep trying, don't give up, but we are not the only company out there, keep your eyes open to every possibility. Good luck.