Have appt. to meet sup

Hey all I'm new to this place - thanks for all the info. I have an appointment to meet with a sup. next week about a job. Here's my question. I applied for a pt sup position online but said that I would take anything to get my foot in the door. I got a call and email from a higher up stating that he wanted to talk. He called and said I need to go to the local and meet with a sup, and I could either take it or not. Does this mean that I am getting a lower position or that I am getting a sup position? Also what hourly wage can I expect if it is not a sup position, and when do benefits start?

I realize that was about 10 questions, but I appreciate the help everyone. Thanks and happy holidays!!


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None of us will give you any info that will help with your question since we have no idea what they will offer.

The only way to know is to go to the meeting.
okay thanks - I was just trying to see if any of you have seen a similar situation. Will they hire someone for a sup position without first having worked up the ranks?

Thanks everyone


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is it worth it to be pt and work up to ft - possibly a driver?

how long am I looking at here?

It might be quicker to start out part-time union than part-time sup and then go driving. It differs in different parts of the country, some may wait a year or two, some may wait 4, 5, or even 6 years.


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need money - benefits - something part time would suit my full time job perfectly.

Is it that bad?

I know a P/T sup that quit his job, he was a sup about 4 years, to bus tables at a mediocre resturaunt. He was one of the more well-liked and intelligent ones. :/ Take it however you want.

I did the M.A.P test and was recommended to become a part of management about 3 years ago, and the wisest decision I ever made was to not accept the offer. I can't believe the regional manager came up to me and shook my hand. Anyone with half a brain and minimal skills could pass that thing, including me, and (in my eyes) judging the qualifity of content, it goes to show many in lower management are not qualified to be managing people, period. :p


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That aint nothing.....
I knew a district manager that got escorted out of the building in handcuffs last month.

And if I was in the right place at the right time I would have SEEN it happen, lol. Was that a month ago already?? time flies, lol.. And still not a word about it in the papers.


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No, the best job to have is being a return clerk. They make the same as drivers but are out of the weather.

Maybe you're talking about something different, but I am a cu counter combo and top rate is 22.80 inside up here anyway. Only if you have many many years (grandfathered in), you can make more inside.

If you don't have over say 20 years of raises, combo jobs are a huge pay hit because some are inside-outside. Outside rate can be top air driver rate (22.80), but inside rate is a PART-TIME rate determined by the emplyees senority date, which can equate to between 9.50 and 28 an hour!