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    for a Package Handler position. Just wanted to know the "ins and outs" of the interview process, position, requirements, etc.

    I am a recent college graduate. As everyone knows, we are on hard times financially as a country. I thought maybe this position could open up doors in the future, given that I have a college degree. My major was Logistics and Transporation from one of the top five Logistics programs in the country. I was just inquiring to see how fast UPS promotes with college grads.

    I have done grueling work in the past, as I have performed all frontline jobs at Pepsi, Warehouse Loader, Bay Delivery, Merchandiser. Trust me, its not easy. Rain, Snow, Sleet, 100 degree weather, Pepsi had to be in that store not matter what. For example, Each flat of (24)20 oz weighs 35 lbs. Needless to say, I am not worried about the workload.

    I have had interviews at Norfolk Southern, UPS Freight, APL Logistics...but nothing has turned up. So, I figured the package handler position could either get me a foot in the door at UPS or at least kill time until I find a full time job. I just wanted some insight from those in the know, who might know about college grads and the possibilities of promotion.

    BTW, I already passed the MAPP test when I was in the interview process with UPS Freight. Basic questions, pretty much just to ensure you're not retarded.
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    At the hub I work inside - from around June through Oct, they were basically giving away P/T supervisor jobs. One man worked 2 weeks and he was off to do his training.

    There are different braches of UPS that you could probably be successful with. If that is what you want to do with your life, go for it!
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    Thanks for the welcome and the info Sleeve_meet_Heart, I guess I'm just trying to decided if the position would be worth it or not. I'm a loyal person, as I worked for Pepsi for 4 years. They offered me a part time job until a full time job came open, however said they didn't know if it would be five months or a year.

    In addition, I really want to get into transportation. I never had the opportunity to get my CDL while at Pepsi, as I was under 21 when I was employed there. Right now, that's one of my goals in life.

    The job market is dismal right now, I'm sure everyone reads the headlines. But from first hand experience, let me tell you, IT'S BAD.