Have my rights been violated.

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    Sept of 2012 I was offered a position of TCD driver, but was quickly disqualified because of a ticket I received on 10/19/11. The problem I'm having is in March of 2012 I was given the air pickup driver job, and im still currently doing. The two jobs are mirror images of each other far as qualifications go. I had a problem with the disqualification so I wrote up a grievance, and the union got involved. The union felt that they had no right to disqualify me and say it was safe for me to be a Air driver, but not a TCD Driver. The company played this back and forth game finally agreeing to start me after 10/19/12. Yeah that's what I thought what did I achieve. Basically since then they have given me a start date every single week, but when it comes time for me to show up for work. The center manager either puts me off for another week saying he has too many to train or they won't answer my calls or texts. Week after week switching center after center, It's the same story manager after manager, they have repeatedly skipped over my seniority and absolutely will not train me. The union knows and sees what they are doing and says we'll have to take it to arbitration in January. How can they lie and deliberately not higher me, and just skip over and disregard my union rights as if I have none.
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    Because something is in the contract, does not mean they must comply. The company working around the contract is nothing new. How do you think UPS profits billions per quarter? Ripping people off.
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    I don't know what you did but your on there radar for something and it not the ticket you got... Not a good way to start your driving career.
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    I believe the contract supports the driving record requirements. You cant file a grievance to request UPS to violate the contract by giving you a job you dont qualify for.

    if we are to believe that grievances are suppose to set things back to the correct path, and I do believe that is the purpose for them, then the grievance would be to have you removed from an air driver position you didnt qualify for.

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    Brown_trousers...The union already spoke in my favor about the situation. The company can't go backwards on my position after they made the mistake. The contract is a binding agreement that states that what ever the agreement is , that you can't change anything outside the four corners of this paper. The company already broke the rules of the contract when they made me eligible to drive when I wasnt. They're not inplace to go back on what they did after the fact. It was their screw up , they should own up to it. I pulled my own driving record after I got the job, and seen that I had a ticket. I'm glad my union sees it my way.
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    You'll find many different "interpretations" of our contract here.
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    OK, so the union gets you a chance to qualify. There are a million reasons to be disqualified and you are making it easier for them to find one. Just because you sign a bid for FT does not mean you automatically get it.
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    At a previous employer, the "put off game" was commonplace. The attitude was, "we don't care about the contract, we'll do whatever we want, and you can just grieve it." I believe that it is a tactic to monetarily shove off things to the next quarter, and the next, and so on, until maybe the grievant will just drop it all together.
    And when you drop it, in my opinion, the company has won.
    As far as dropping it goes, I say keep it tied up for years if necessary, it'll be one helluva back pay check.


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    @barnyard. I'm wonderimg who you are in favor for,the employer or the employe? So I feel the employer did me wrong, I fight back, and you say I'm wrong for trying to help myself.....WOW!!!
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    As usual, you guys are chiming in without knowing where the OP is and what supplemental contractual language applies.

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    There are other factors to consider. you may have essentially bumped another person from getting that air driving job, someone who was actually qualified.
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    Mr Wilson, think of it as the old sitcom you made famous. Think of the company as Dennis (your menace). Play the game by staying the course, but don't expect this to happen.

    George Wilson: You're a pest. A menace. A selfish, spoiled little boy and I've no use for you. You took something from me that I can never get back, something that means more to me than you ever will. You understand? I don't want to see you, I don't want to know you. Get out of my way.
    [George walks away]
    Dennis: [in tears] I'm sorry, Mr. Wilson.

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    I am just preparing you for what to expect.

    Brush the sand out of your :censored2:.