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    Leaving work yesterday one of my coworkers had to share this with me. He just had to. Apparently an air driver told him that he "tried" to call in sick on Saturday and and the full-time supervisor threatened him. He said that the kid said to him something along the lines that the sup. said that if he didn't come in that he would start the paper work in the process for him to lose his job. This doesn't suprise me, this full time sup was previously demoted. :doctor:
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    In our center, we have one 22.3 air driver who delivers Saturday air. There is no one on call--he is the only driver. If he needs a Saturday off he schedules it and one of the casuals will fill in, preferably one who did not work the whole week so they can get some hours. If he calls in, and this has happened, the air sup must go through the seniority list of drivers, offering the work in seniority order. It is a real PITA when an air driver calls in on a Saturday but not one that should cause him to lose his job--I have to think the sup was simply trying to get the guy to come in.
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    Under DOT regulations a driver can not be forced to drive if ill. Airguy should have used that against the sup in return.
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    I think that you are full of it. All of your posts (so far) have been anti UPS. Why not post something like: "I got my paycheck and I'm happy and then I went to the Doctor and it only cost me $10.00".
    Gimme' a break!!!
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    I wonder if PEPro has ever had a positive thought at work.
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    Technically, a driver cannot be forced to work if their health will make them unsafe.
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    When calling in sick you are not asking, you are not negotiating. You are stating "I won't be in today." Period.

    Management can not refuse or retaliate.

    They also can not try to play doctor over the phone and pronounce you healthy enough to work.

    Everyone gets sick from time to time. Even supervisors.

    Dealing with the effects of a call-in is a normal part of a supervisors duties.
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    This is all well and good during the week when there is adequate staffing. Come to my center on a Saturday morning and see the chaos that ensues when Timmy doesn't feel like coming to work as he had too much fun the previous night. I have received the "can you come in and help us out" phone call at least 3-4 times.
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    Staffing isn't the driver's problem, if they are sick they are sick...end of story.
    What PE described is usual UPS intimidation tactics. Intimidation only works if we let it.
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    PE, a little friendly advice....it would serve your credibility rating if you kept your stories at least second hand (1st hand preferably), a third hand story is sorta like" my cousin's sister in law's Aunt Tilly saw Elvis walking down the street yesterday"...know what I mean?
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    I was always happy when I received my paycheck and only had to pay 10 bucks for a Dr's co=pay....I was very thankful ....to the union for negotiation those on my behalf.
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    At least you were grateful to someone for something:peaceful:
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    Suprisingly enough no one is asking what the callers attendance record is like. If its bad then the sup would actually doing the caller a favor by warning him.
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    Dude, think what you want to think. I did not just crawl out from under a rock. I have been here a long long time. I don't recall being anti-UPS at all, please enlignten me. I am anti-lies, intimidation, harassment, incompetence, arrogance, denial, booze, drugs, evil, materialism and I am very anti-corporate corruption. This is a message board site. I am in the section titled UPS discussions. I have simply posted some of day to day observations to contribute to discussions. Now go right ahead and attack me and my words, great defense for your mighty UPS.:blahblah::blahblah::blahblah::blahblah:
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    you do sound pretty negative.
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    He seems fairly positive when he sees truth, cooperation, proficiency, humility, acceptance, water, herbs, good, spiritualism and small business corruption.

    He's just negative when he sees lies, intimidation, harassment, incompetence, arrogance, denial, booze, drugs, evil, materialism and ... corporate corruption.
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    This thread is like taking a dump and now it's time to flush it down.
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    Exactly!!!!:whew:Whew someone finally gets it.(Except for the small business corruption part. I'm negative about that too!)
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    Very thought provoking response.:happy-very: