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  1. tre305

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    i don't know how many brothers in brown are in SoFlo (more so Jupiter and on down south to the keys on the east coast) but if there are any, has anyone heard anything about if we'd be working on Monday b/c of Issac?. at my center there was talk going around of possibly having us work today in wake of the storm coming this way. although i did see alot more trucks on the road today in my area than i usually see on a Saturday but who knows. even though its not an Andrew back in '92, i really hope it doesn't come on as a cat 1. if it does shut us down on Monday i know we're pretty much screwed for the rest of the week. correct me if im wrong, ive worked when a few tropical storms came through before and from my understanding, they would actually shut down the operation if wind speeds pick up on 40 mph?
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    What 40 mph, we delivered in snow storms, 60mph winds we thought they would call us in early , but no we were out all day. Good luck monday. stay safe, one stop at a time.
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    Stay safe. Having said that, wtf???? I live in snow belt USA and we don't get called out unless it's 3in an hour.
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    I drove doubles from north NJ to Hartford,CT and brought a set back in a blizzard. On the way back I heard on the radio they had a truck/trailer ban on the NY Thruway, (part of the route). Whiteout conditions, etc. a lot of drivers called out but that was about it.
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    I guarantee the Jupiter center is working Monday.Deerfield is most likely also, south of that who knows.
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    well i can completely understand working in blizzard prone states like that but this would be my first time actually working or possibly working under these conditions. Im almost 90 percent sure we'll work Monday at my center, but depending on how bad it gets....as they're forecasting will determine if they'll send drivers out or not....which would kind of defeat the purpose of the preload even coming in. oh well, as ive seen time and time on here "work as instructed" right?
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    Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.[SUP][1][/SUP]
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    Blizzards and floods up here. Last year we had a bad flood that closed our center for 3 days. It took us about 2 weeks to get back to a normal. Lots of roads were washed out so on the first day I missed 100 stops and punched out at 10pm.
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    safety first.
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    That was the Post Office's motto, I guess since it's now the "Postal Service" they don't deliver if weather is that bad, (blizzards, etc.) At least they don't by me, citing "safety of their employees".