Having extreme issues after I transferred

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    Transferred to a new hub in june, had to change unions also since it was a completely new area. I have lost my insurance since I changed unions (UPS will not send verification to the new health plan), I have also lost all of my vacation which I have been told would not happen. I was also not notified that I would be on lay off status everyday and have to call work every morning at 4 am to see if I get to work. I have notiied the union, even talked to the president of that local and still 4 weeks later I am in the same boat still. Very fustrated. My husband now has no insulin, my son has severe tourettes and needs meds to help control his tics, which I can do nothing about. I have no other idea what steps to take next, any ideas?
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    Do you have a state-sponsored plan? Apparently not.

    The loss of insurance, vacation, overall seniority etc, should have been more clearly explained to you. That is a liability within transfers - unless for educational purposes/transfers in some instances.