Hazmat training no hotel


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You can resign from an extra assignment position like HAZMAT responder. The conditions may vary from local to local. For example, here once you go through the training, you have to stick with it for a month, then you have to resign, in writing, with another 6 weeks' notice before you are off the hook. No extra pay for a hazardous position is unacceptable, no one should ever take it.
In our local if we want to resign we have to wait and write a formal letter within 6 weeks of our recertificafion date.


Dude the hazmat positions are a total joke never take them as they don't pay extra.
It blows, worst job I have ever had at UPS and I have done most everything on the hourly side. HOWEVER if you like overtime, and not being harassed, it's good. Mgmt tends to tread lightly with responders.

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Assuming a 2 hour commute is roughly 120-150 miles they should absolutely put you up in a hotel. Usually it's Holiday Inn Express or similar.
You would be entitled to the IRS rate (58 cents/mile) for the mileage above your daily commute, so for example if you commute a to/from total of 20 miles and class is 120 miles away you would be reimbursed for 100 miles or $58 each way. Fuel is part of this reimbursement as well as wear and tear, also if you have a breakdown or accident it's on you except for liability over the State minimum.
In addition you are entitled to up to $50 per day in reasonable food expenses, so $200, as well as reimbursement for reasonable cash tips and tolls.
We routinely put drivers in Feeder training from extended centers up in a hotel for training in Phoenix. This is determined by where they are domiciled (work) not where they reside, so it's possible you could live 100 miles from your building and would be SOL for a commute to a class 50 miles away from said building.

If the reimbursement rate exceeds what a rental car + estimated fuel would be they should pay to rent you a car plus reimburse the actual fuel costs.

Receipts are required. Expenses must occur away from your domicile, preferably in the city where the class is.

Have your Steward or B.A. help negotiate this before you agree to go. If you need a copy of the UPS Expense Guidelines have them file an information request or have your B.A. contact Local 104's Feeder B.A. and I can provide one.

The UPS Policybook says:

"No one should gain or lose because of money spent for company purposes. We expect our people to submit a full and accurate itemized accounting of these expenditures in accordance with approved expense account guidelines.
We must use sound judgment in the completion and approval of expense accounts.
Questions concerning expenses should be resolved in advance with one's manager.
Approval of the expenses of those that report to us requires equally careful consideration."
Do not have the contract in front of me, though I believe (from memory) "when using a personal vehicle in service of the employer, the employer will be responsible for insurance on the vehicle"
Something to that effect, as I recall....