Hazmat training no hotel

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  1. Elmo.goes.to.prom

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    In our local if we want to resign we have to wait and write a formal letter within 6 weeks of our recertificafion date.
  2. Nike

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    Dude the hazmat positions are a total joke never take them as they don't pay extra.
  3. UnconTROLLed

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    It blows, worst job I have ever had at UPS and I have done most everything on the hourly side. HOWEVER if you like overtime, and not being harassed, it's good. Mgmt tends to tread lightly with responders.
  4. clean hairy

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    Do not have the contract in front of me, though I believe (from memory) "when using a personal vehicle in service of the employer, the employer will be responsible for insurance on the vehicle"
    Something to that effect, as I recall....