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    Anyone know the rule on headphones? Our center manager has not let us use them since he became our center manager. I've had 5 different center manager's since I have been with the company and he is the only one with the problem!! Talking about for preload. I know the law on driving. Thanks
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Headphones----no. Earplugs---yes, but only one---this allows you to remain aware of your surroundings.

    Ours is a small preload (22-28 routes) with one straight belt (upper and lower) and the PDS lets them play the radio during the sort. He will turn it off if they fall behind.
  3. DownSouthUPS

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    Ours is not too big. About 40-50 routes depending on why day but our center manager says absolutely no earbuds/headphones. One ear or not! Kinda ridiculous!
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Talk to your shop steward/BA---he /she should be able to work out a compromise with the center manager.
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    When I got hired I asked HR about it and they said no because it could be a safety issue because they could keep me from being able to hear if say the fire alarm went off or someone was trying to alert me to something. We still have plenty of people who do use them and it seems unless some member of management doesn't like you they don't pay attention to it. We also have clean in clean out so the people with them are sneaking them in and out because I know they haven't gotten a sticker for them.

    As far as earplugs we've got even more people using those but they are designed to dampen loud noises without completely muting things so they're allowed.
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    no, it's not ridiculous * you are there to work; not to be entertained * if they are paying you, then they call the shots * right up to the point that you decide : enough of this and walk out the door
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    I'm in agreement to a point. The mechanics in my hub are allowed to bring in radios to listen to and leave with their tools, which makes working near that area more enjoyable. In our small sort people used to bring in radios as well but a couple years ago management declared they were only allowed if batteries were used and not plugged into the building power, not sure if there's any being used there anymore as I don't go up there during the shift.

    Headphones can be a safety issue, radios not so much, but music can be great for moral and keep people working without looking for excuses. Sure it's not guaranteed to help but I do agree that if policy is no, then it's their decision to make.

    Though I missed this when I replied first, they're still letting you have it in one ear? Is that really such an issue?
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    So buy one of those portable speakers and put in the location you are the most
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    always one!!
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    I've tried this. But there's a loader next to me with music also and he gets a little pissy when he hears anyone's music over here so to compromise, I try to keep earbuds in til the center manager walks in.
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    A single ear blueooth for music. This way I can listen to music but still hear noise around me. I normally save the music towards the end of the day when im doing tighter residential areas. Less traffic, less issues.
  12. Gazelle

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    So you can listen to music? Besides the safety issue, it violates the clean in/ clean out. You cannot bring your ipod, phone or headphones in and out of the building.
  13. jaker

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    That does not happen in every hub
  14. oldngray

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    Usually you can get a sticker for personal items like phones and ipads so you can bring in and out.
  15. DownSouthUPS

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    We can bring in phones. We don't have a security gate at our center. Union Rep also says "yes, bring your phones in. Management uses them on the clock, so can you just as long as it is not messing up wok progress."
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    i guess it depends on what the union/management agreement is and i guess it varies from building to building. you should ask your union representative what the rule is. in my building we can bring in our phones if we have an authorized pass if we don't have one we can get a temporary pass for the day. we are allowed to have one headphone on, i like to listen to music or talk/news radio while at work. some people use both headphones and then when we need to get their attention they are deaf lol. so i see why the rule is for one ear only. we also have a problem w employees texting while on the job, i hope those people causing the issue don't ruin it for everyone, but then again we only work a few hours so it wouldn't kill us to not have our phones. although i do like having my phone to check at break just in case there is some kind of emergency or something i should know about that i can check my texts at break.
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    I guess the rules vary per building. We are allowed to bring in phones, ipods, ipads, etc...security doesn't care. As long as we're not texting while working, the supes don't care. And we're allowed to use earphones in both ears.
  18. sortaisle

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    NW District one is allowed. I believe it's actually against the law in Washington to drive with earbuds in. I guess it's like everything else at UPS...they won't say anything if you get the job done but you'll take the full brunt of UPS's wrath if something goes wrong and act like they told you/you should have known.
  19. Gazelle

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    I've never heard of stickers for iPods or headphones. There's absolutely no reason to have them in the building. Stickers for phones are for reasons that include sick family etc....

    Regardless of what "security" says, clean in/ clean out is being violated.
  20. jaker

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    Again this varies from hub to hub

    In our hub we have no security or name badges and can bring in whatever we want