heads up: awesome deal on some gore-tex timberlands

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by opey, Sep 18, 2016.

  1. opey

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    Was out looking for a new pair of boots for the coming winter, and saw these Timberland Chocorua waterproof Gore-Tex boots in the timberland store today for $140... checked good old amazon, and found my size 9.5 2E (wide) in black was only $58. Figured i'd pass it along to you guys, each size is a different price, I'm assuming based on demand/stock, but it seems most sizes are still under $100. heres the link

    https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002VQF47A/ (copy/paste dont click)

    also, do you guys think the brown version would fly, according to the rules? they have greenish inserts on the sides
  2. Cementups

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    stick with the black.
  3. Gumby

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    We won't tell your wife
  4. cosmo1

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    I wore the brown and green.

    But, I'm sure I had a lot more years in than him. I hoped they would send me home.
  5. Cementups

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    Plus you could always blame your old fuzzy vision.
  6. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    Doesn't matter any more.

    When are we going to golf?
  7. Cementups

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    My next vacation week is the week of Halloween. I coach my daughters softball team this fall so my weekends are pretty tied up until then. We gonna make it happen one of these days.
  8. a911scanner

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    Been wearing the brown ones for the past two seasons here in the Land of 10,000 lakes. Have been good boots.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I have bought my last 3 pairs of work boots from amazon because both Dick's and Gander Mountain refused to price match.

    I have noticed that I am not getting nearly the wear out of the ones that I buy online as I did with the ones that I bought in the store so I am thinking that these may have been factory seconds.

    Go with the black.
  10. Jackburton

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    Several items on Amazon have been found to be counterfeits. Everything from sunglasses to shoes are bought by Amazon from the cheapest source, which isn't always the manufacturer of said products. I've purchased LG headphones sold by Amazon and they were fakes. Friend of mine also bought some Asics sneakers and they were knockoffs, not the real thing.

    This doesn't include buying from third party sellers, buyer beware.
  11. OrioN

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    i saw the pic of the inner label... made in Vietnam so is it genuine or fake?
  12. opey

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    well i will say that i bought very similar timberlands to these last year from the timberland store, and basically after one winter they werent waterproof anymore and the soles were almost totally worn. they werent gore tex either, basically a cheaper version of this same boot. i was going to try a different brand but i couldnt pass these up at this price.
  13. djkre8r

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    I bought Timberlands last year. They were great boots and warm. They also were VERY SLICK. When it rained I had to walk like I was walking on ice. Stepping up into the truck was slippery. They do not have non slip soles. I won't be replacing them with Timberlands this year! Good boots but, just not for working (just my opinion).
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    Another shoe thread?
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    I'm not wearing any pants right now !!!
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    Pictures for proof.
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    No internet Covemastah porn for you !!!!
    Don't need you flying out here then crushing my dreams !!!
    Lol. Lol lol lol
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  19. Wally

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    You sure?

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    Bahahahahahahahahaha. I had to post. Soooooooo your telling me that Amazon sells knock offs?? WOW. Mind blown. Hello wake up, no :censored2:. Most of what is sold on amazon is knock off. Just because you can't tell doesn't mean it isnt. You think something on a website that cost 40 or 50 more than amazon is the same product? Bahahahahahaha. Ok sorry back to sarcastic off topic replies.