Heads UP Package Drivers!!!

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    If you work for package whether on dock or in city/road operations be aware that the UPS Freight Driver who may be assigned to your facility under UPGF's new zone freight operation is going to be a non represented employee!

    Our stewards have been told that all zone drivers will NOT be allowed to join the Teamsters NOR will any of our current union represented employee be allowed to transfer as management DOES NOT want to deal with the Teamsters in regards to these drivers! :angry:
    It would seem to me that this is a direct contract violation on both contracts but I may be wrong. Management asserts that since UPGF still has 3 non-union barns(Omaha, Witchta and unknown maybe Salt Lake City) that they can hire non-union to drive these trucks, deliver this freight, work the docks loading/unloading this freight and linehaul to a hub for more freight!

    Forwarned is forearmed