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    As some of you know, I retired a couple of years ago after 20 years of service, 17 (or so) of which were truly the greatest years of my life. My retirement benefits include "credits" based of years of service to cover my medical premiums. My family (for insurance purposes) last year included my wife, 21 year old daughter and yours truly. Last year's premium was about $7000 and was covered completely. This year my family (for insurance purposes) consists of my wife and myself. My daughter having graduated college is no longer covered. My premium is about $9000. That is, last year 3 people, $7000; this year 2 people, $9000. My benefit after 20 years of service does not completely cover the $9000 medical insurance premium. So, I opted out and took my wife's company's insurance.

    This being an election year I provide the following quote ...

    If you think health insurance is expensive now, wait until it's free!
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    Consider yourself LUCKY !!!!!!!
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    I've heard you can get very discounted benefits at age 55 in the Southern conference with a 25-30 year retirement.Something like $200 amonth for you and another $200 amonth for the spouse..So that would be 4800 a year...That 9 k sounds rough...
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    I think you understand that's not 9K out of my pocket. 9K is the total premium not taking into account my retirement benefit. And I do consider myself lucky. Very lucky.
    My point is that one of the candidates (I am not going to say who she is) is proposing a national health plan that she says will provide affordable health care for everyone. That means those who can afford it (us) will be paying for those that can't (not us). It's a noble concept and I am not saying that it is right or wrong but it leads to my quote below.

    If you think health insurance is expensive now, wait until it's free!

    And, yes, I consider us fortunate.
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    Considering how well the Federal government runs any program, why in the world would anybody think they could do a good job with Health Care? My wallet is hurting already..............