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  1. pleasinggod08

    pleasinggod08 New Member

    What the cost amount for family health plan at fedex
  2. I Am Jacks Damaged Box

    I Am Jacks Damaged Box Well-Known Member

    Is that you Cletus?
  3. MrFedEx

    MrFedEx Engorged Member

    An ungodly amount. It would please God if you found another job...really. You'd like it too.
  4. MrFedEx

    MrFedEx Engorged Member

    Ahhm down with Jeebus.
  5. SmithBarney

    SmithBarney Well-Known Member

    Depends on where you are.. Some folks have Anthem, others Have Cigna... Estimate roughly 400/mo but that is not the total amount, you also pay out of pocket every visit. amount varies based on plan chosen.
  6. Route 66

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    Ah wens ta skool with Cletus sister - Cletorrus.
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    I met her once, very sensitive.
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  8. pleasinggod08

    pleasinggod08 New Member

    Thank you