Healthcare:Playing word games to hide the BIG screwing

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    I have been hearing rumors from a few sources and now that I have seen the document myself, here is what may be coming.

    In the past, FedEx would always show "individual" and "family" cost for say, deductibles, and max out of pocket.

    What it appears they are doing this year is worse than at first thought.

    Fedex is using a slight of hand here, they took out the word "individual" and replaced it with "employee".

    "employee" no more "individual"

    Thats correct, your wife or one child gets ill, in an accident etc, it's not 3200 max out of pocket with that horrible top tier plan, it's 9600 dollars!!!!!, that 3200 is for the employee only.

    They are trying to hide this until it starts hitting home next year and bankrupting employees and crushing their lives all for Fred's profit and promises to Wall Street.

    All this after it has been clearly shown on this site and in your benefits cost mailing that FDX corp's benefits increased at a SMALLER percentage than in recent years.
    I pray this is a typo or misunderstanding but unlikely.

    Rot in hell Memphis(I guess you already are)..,
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    Looks like I have some in depth reading to do this weekend.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    If this is true many will be better off dropping FedEx coverage and getting ins from the state exchanges.
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    Exactly what they want, to avoid paying the penalty of not offering coverage...
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    If I ever again see this company's wretched name on another 'Best Places To Work' list I believe I will most certainly come unglued

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    "......eye of a needle..." They don't believe in Hell or Heaven for that matter.