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  1. I'm stirring the pot. I'm actually glad I work for Ground vs. express. Here's why. I'm not here for very long, maybe 2-3 years max, so I can be very objective. Retirement does not factor in. I have no health insurance. I'm starting to view this as a good thing. My last job offered me insurance, and my deductions were INSANE. My paycheck (with no healthcare deductions) is not much lower than my express friend who has them deducted. Not making sense? I've seen a trend in healthcare. Our healthcare system, for better or worse, is changing rapidly. Obamacare, feuding in Congress over spending, medicare/medicaid, private plans, etc... are all fueling a rapid change. The old system consisted of you having money deducted out of your check, your employer paying whatever it is they pay, and you pay a copay to see a general physician and a slightly higher fee for something out of the norm. Or any combination thereof.

    I've seen a new trend in healthcare providers. In my town, there is a physician who is jumping on a new bandwagon. He does not accept insurance. He has a "menu" just like McDonalds. A regular visit is $50. You pick what you want off the menu, and that is the price. He does several outpatient surgeries as well, with the same concept. He runs his business just like any other... you see a service and you pay for it. He also has a cooperation with a local pharmacy and they do a similar thing. I found it very interesting and he told me there are many physicians jumping ship and doing what he is doing. Obviously, it's not fully implemented, and I know I'm SOL if I have a serious injury or illness outside the scope of his practice.

    But for the time being, I am glad of this revolution going on in healthcare. Keep me away from obamacare. But most of all, keep me away from express. My check may be a bit smaller, but nothing is deducted. Nobody forces me to take a break, nobody cares in what way I deliver. I have my own Roth IRA, my own stocks, and my setup with this physician. I hope to see more healthcare providers revolutionize there practice. I also hope to see more express drivers come to Ground. We had one quit and hire on last week. He's pretty happy.... but thats a topic for another thread :)
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    I saw on the news about some doctor in my state that is doing that as well. My only concern is what kind of malpractice insurance does he have? If he screws someone up and they sue him, is he screwed?