Heat In the trailers?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Apollo, Oct 12, 2008.

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    I know i'm posting this a tad late (it's snowing outside), but i just barely stumbled upon this site. I work for UPS in Utah's Main hub as an unloader, and my friggen god it was hot this summer. I've worked there for over a year, this was my first summer though. I knew it'd be hot, but there were some days the heat was at 140+ particularly in drop frames. I'm around 6'5" so i burn my head in those trailers if i stand up straight... lol. There are fans through out the building, for pick offs, smalls, loaders, and auditors, but none on the entire unload wall. It's insane. I myself passed out twice this year, and that's with drinking 1 1/2- 3 gallons of water. I know it's gotta be worse in other states. Especially since there's been reports of death(s) in the workplace from heat. Why isn't anything being done about it? It's not like a fan would cost that much... It wouldn't bring the heat down more than maybe 5-10 degrees, but there would deffinitely be more air circulation (another problem i have with unloading). I like the job, it's fun and fast paced, but the heat is unbearable, and i'm not doing that again for another summer. Also, since our average PPH numbers drop from about 1800 per person to around 1000 between cold days and hot days, you think they'd want to do something about it.

    OK... so I rant... lol.

    I guess my question is, has anything been done to help with the heat in hubs in the rest of the country? Is there anything I can really do about it?
  2. drewed

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    I say lets revisit this when its summer time.....

    umm id say get your CHSP comittee involved and see what they can do
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    I believe the "free" health insurance is designed to offset the unbearable heat.

    In all seriousness, I hear that any district north of New Jersey has no guidelines to ventilation and fans in facilities.
  4. evilleace

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    My center built a new unload area about a year ago and put fans in before that none ever.
  5. Cementups

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    OMG, when did they stop using A/C in the unload areas.
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    In some doors, we have fans, some not.
    Some of the fans are the three bladed ones. The others are basically blowers. The blowers can be replaced, I believe. Does good for temperature. Hell on your eyes while it picks up every speck of dust.
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    Your CHSP committee will get right to work on that...they will have meetings about it every month for the next two years, and then they will give you a new acronym to memorize and a muffin to eat. You wont ever actually get any fans, but if you eat your muffin and recite the acronym you will feel better.
  9. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    I'd take the muffin over a room temp bottled water.
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    The problem is that the non-management Safety co-chair has been coopted by the opportunity to never do real hourly work again if he plays ball with the management co-chair and pt safety supe and concentrates on all the irrelevant busywork needed to pass the KETER audits. If he concentrated on making sure your shift never passed KETER until you got fans you'd probably get fans. After all, I'm pretty sure his signature is required on the Safety Committee minutes when they're posted if KETER's not to mark the shift down to less-than-pass (95%?), and if KETER is resistant to doing so (it's a Liberty Mutual -- UPS' insurance carrier -- subsidiary, and is in the business of making UPS' OSHA-required safety system look as good to OSHA as UPS pretends it is) he could go direct to OSHA to say your safety process is crap. But then he might have to go back to working smalls sort or whatever near cupcake job his seniority entitles him to rather than sucking up the safety hours giving ridiculous little talks on the I in HABITS, giving out muffins, filling out paperwork, and generally avoiding getting his hands dirty.

    So, talk to him (en masse) about how he should be working for you. The National Master requires Union approval of non-management participants in the Safety Committees, so if that doesn't work you can go (preferably in a body of unloaders and other concerned Local members) to your BA to get your current non-mgmt Safety Co-Chair's gravy train ticket yanked.
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    Well, if you have already decided that you're not doing it again next summer why would you care if anything is done? Do you think that it's not hot in the back of the pkg. cars for 9.5-10 hrs. each day? Heck, it took them 95 years to put a fan in the pkg. cars. A tiny fan that takes superheated air from right behind the windshield and blows it in your face. Almost like sitting in front of a clothes dryer exhaust vent.
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    I do that all the time... I don't know what YOUR problem is... :ignored:
  13. cachsux

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    Actually the flapping of their jaws does provide some airflow.
  14. Big Babooba

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    Come this February, you'll be begging for some of that heat.
  15. Apollo

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    Like hell i will... it was 30 two days ago.. and it feels AMAZING i love the cold :)

    Good ol' Utah, it's about 60 outside right now and will probably hit 70. And on monday, we're expecting lows in the 20's again, with more snow. :wink2:
  16. Abigpileofbrown

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    Dino,You have a fan in your car???I haven't seen one since I started in 1986.And it blew the hot air out of the top of the cab into my face.
  17. rocket man

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    ITS 90 deg plus in every trailer in our yard hub center .
  18. Cobra Agent

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    I never used the fans when i was unloading. The dust was unbearable. I am from louisiana where is gets hotter than a whore in church....I'd rather tuff out the heat then have all that dust flying in my face. Suck it up, alternate between water and gatoraide, and quit yer bellyachin' we have all been there think of it as a right of passage to bigger and better things.....unless your moved to the preload!!!
  19. old brown shoe

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    Hey we never get no muffins!
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We never get any muffins.