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    So I've noticed the volume has been wayyyy up the past few weeks. Typically on the twi we'd be wrapped up by 10:30 the latest. The last few weeks it's been past 11 nearly every night, and the amount of bags I've been scanning is near ridiculous of late. Any thoughts on why the recent up tick?
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    Warning and termination letters are now being sent by UPS.
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    Tax returns are being spent.
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    Summer is coming!!! Woo-Hoo!!!!! Happy dance!!!!!!!:wootsmiley::beach_ball:
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    Monday is typically our light day....however we are in a college town and the students just started back a few weeks ago. Volume has increased due to the amount of care packages and such.

    Anyway.....this last Monday everyone was pretty heavy...some very.... and our CS decided to ADD a route to alleviate some of the over dispatched. Unfortunately, she did not meet her stops per car and got reamed by center manager(he is actually over 5 different centers). Our center works hard and our numbers are jacked up to compensate for what the other centers lack. What he does not understand(read care) is some of the extended routes were over 14 hours dispatched. Even by adding a car they were out 12.

    I just shake my head.
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    Sounds like she has a brain. Not a good thing at that level. I like her. :winks:
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    Many of the drivers don't like her (I think it is just a male/ female boss thing). She is not afraid to go to bat for us and take her lumps. I applaud her for her independent thinking. I am sure she is not viewed as politely by UPS
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    We had two or three new trucks added to our belt. The last area on the belt now has 5, and two people are loading it (one is a new hire). I haven't worked at UPS for very long, but I've never seen that before. They normally dump the whole area on one guy, no matter how heavy.
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    Monday was insanely busy in our shop. Rarely do I need help with my unload but someone who finished their line first unloaded two of my trucks. I felt like crap about that. But yeah, I also had two balls to the walls heavy walk off trucks (rollers and conveyer belt do not reach them). After unload, I had to bag smalls and I swear to all that is holy, I thought they were NEVER stop coming. But then I have been called out the last two nights so what the hell. Feast or famine.
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    Well what is seen in person versus what is seen on paper are two different things , you might see more volume but the manger see volume go down so he pull cars out and sends Everbody into red , so what you are seeing is in your head is not reality , if you don't believe me go ask your manager
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    Unless cars are being added...
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    The starter of this thread works in the hub though so it's not pkg cars, it's just pure packages. But I'll have to add that this week has been brutal in the Toledo hub. Just absolutely slammed this week, we've ran with 2 extra people almost everyday on our belt and volume has been up across the board in our hub
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    I haven't worked since last week, but heard volume was up 10-25% from previous weeks.
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    I load 5 trucks, I ain't even mad...
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    Pile it up, I'll bring my wheel barrow to carry all that cabbage.
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    Maybe its drug packages legal/illegal moving through the system?
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    When I started working at UPS I would get about 20 hours a week, being one of the last people done. Now, I'm one of the first to leave, and I get 30 hours a week. Maybe economy is finally picking back up!?
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    I'm noticing that in both package and on sorts. I don't know where it's coming from but the work is there. I'm also seeing the high volume run with minimal employees which is creating quite a bit of a stir.