heh will I ever see my package? </3

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    Soooooo about a week ago I ordered a heavy bag and a speed bag from everlast and well, the speed bag showed up but the heavy bag wasnt so fortunate. It had an exception because it was routed to the wrong shipping center. Soooooo for about 4 days I let it sit with the exception because I didnt really need the package that badly anyway but then decided 4 days without any movement was a little weird so I called and they told me its probably lost and I called the shipper and they put a tracer thingy on it.


    its a 100 pound heavy bag so I cant imagine it falling off a belt under some machine somewhere soo what do you guys think are my chances of getting this back soon?
  2. Someone will find it and service it...one thing i personaly hate are heavy bags...for obvious reasons 100lbs+...people have prob. been walking past it not wanting to deal with it untill the right person gets the memo

    Make some calls and complain but if it didnt get sent back to the shipper its there somewhere...unless some idiot misloaded a 100 lbs package

    I know it frustrating but keep the presure on and remember you cant exactually lose a huge heavy box thats wrapped in yellow "over 70lbs" tape...we want it out of our system just as much as you want it in your home

    Good luck
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    I really like these on my truck rolling back and forth all day long. Almost as fun as that rug PALed to the 8000 section.
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    With big heavy stupid stuff like that there is a good chance the outer packaging was ripped/missing so that they dont know where it goes. Its likely sitting in a rewrap area somewhere as an overgood.
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    You could check at the UPS facebook page, there are UPS people there waiting to help.
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    Thx guys I figured it would show up eventually. I was actually around the day it was supposed to get delivered because I figured I would try and help the driver take it off the truck. You guys dont have like hand trucks or anything to move this stuff around?

    I tried looking for the phone number of that center but only came up with a non working number. I know the one near me I can call and they are very nice but that one is not my local and a little out of my reach to drive to.

    lol thats funny...
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    heavyweight piñata. those things are awful, so if it looks repackaged be sure to inspect it upon opening. ;p
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    I am being 100% serious.

    You googled and came up with this page, which is not an official UPS page. UPS does have an official FB page and if you read it, you will find people that posted similar problems to yours and a couple of chicks that promise to look into it.
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    heh will I ever see my package? </3

    This question has been asked by more than one Feeder driver.
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    Im not really looking for help per say. I just wanted some REAL insights from some people on the inside. Yanoo like an off the record kinda answer. Im not to worried about the package because I do have another one and can live without it for however long. I was just curious. Its sometimes better to get unofficial answers then the "official" stuff ya know ;)
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    sent twice my bad
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    based on the exception scans it got, i'm betting it got set to the side somewhere in the morning, possibly due to packaging/labeling missing (happens on larger stuff frequently), and then sat there for days out of sloppiness

    things can disappear in plain sight if they're placed out of the "package stream"
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    Well after the package tracer was put on it by the local distribution center thing last night, the shipping center where it is actually at updated with another "exception" this morning. So when there is an exception does that mean someone had to physically scan the item? like is someone at that shipping center basically scanning it to be like, yes we know its here but its not moving right now?