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    First, i'm sorry if I'm posting my question in the wrong place.
    i'm so desperate ince my package got stuck in UPS status for more than two weeks now.
    the tracking status said "held in warehouse". I called the international department twice and they told me that it has not get clear status from custom. I know that the problem is beyond UPS control, but is there any person or maybe custom that i can contact to know what's the problem is? Or is it better to aks the UPS to return the package to the sender? really appreciate any suggestions and helps. Btw, the package is my daughter' iphone that need to be fixed here.
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    Call 212-867-5309...ask for Jenny. She'll be much more helpful than me. I'm not big on the advice...can I interest you in a sarcastic comment perhaps??
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    Thanks for your helps...
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    For customer service call 800-PICKUPS.
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    Customs is Customs. Nothing you can really do.

    Our tax dollars at work.
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    More than likely there is a brokerage fee that needs to be assessed.