Helen Thomas quits

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Lue C Fur, Jun 7, 2010.

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    I wonder if she'll be vacationing in Israel?
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    Her family is from Tripoli
  4. moreluck

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    Time to retire......

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    Moreluck, don't do that anymore. I'm temporarily blind.
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    Don't these 2 look like twins???

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    I thought that too, but I was shocked to even post that thought. What happened is that the screen downloaded to the bottom of the page and I scrolled slowly upwards. I got to see the body first, then the blond hair. I thought this might be a picture of Kate Hudson and then ....uggggggghhhhh!
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    A real sick, twisted person made that picture....
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    Oh look some people are taking her advice........................


    Although most of the recent talk regarding flotillas has revolved around ships sailing toward Gaza, at least two plans have emerged for “reverse flotillas” – from Israel toward Turkey – to highlight what organizers have labeled the Turks’ “shameless hypocrisy” in their criticisms of the Jewish state.

    The most ambitious of the two plans has been devised by members of Israel’s National Student Union, who this week announced their intention to set sail toward Turkey, in an effort to bring humanitarian aid to the “oppressed people of Turkish Kurdistan” and to members of the “Turkish Armenian minority.”
    “Our plan is to deliver much-needed humanitarian assistance to the Kurds of Turkey, who by the way outnumber Israelis and Palestinians combined,” he said.

    “And to show that Turkey has its own issues when it comes to the treatment of its minorities,
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    I found Helen's replacement..
    At least she won't hassle Robert Gibbs!
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    her epitaph should read one ugly bitch forced to retire after one ugly comment.
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    That brought this picture into my head. Afterall, she is a Democrat.:surprised:

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    After seeing pictures of Helen Thomas, my prediction is that Obama, will nominate her for a supreme court nomination. He prefers his nominees to look this way.