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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by texas brown, Jun 30, 2007.

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    I heard that FedEx and UPS are merging.

    Yes, the new company is going to be called FedUp.

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    Welcome, but that joke is older than Texas. Gotta get some new material.

    Hope you enjoy reading through all the posts. Lots of fun and good info here. Enjoy!:)
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe and enjoy your stay
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    Welcome to BC!

    There is an orientation post you ought to browse through. It is called "Never underestimate the stupidity of the general public". It will give you an idea of all the little things that UPSers have to endure every day of the year! It is actually quite entertaining. Oh! by the way you will find your joke in there....look for it :w00t:

    Seriously...there are a lot of folks that provide us with entertainment, and also thought provoking information as well as great tips on and off the job.
    Hope you enjoy your time in the Brown Cafe:thumbup1:.
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    Yea, I expected that since it was just too funny to be new. :)

    I've actually lurked for months here and have learned quite a bit, but I've also learned some of the nitty gritty stuff from our own hub from experience and being a preloader/air/tcd driver.

    So much of what is posted here is very true which sometimes scares me, but I consider myself lucky in a way for having a job with the payraises that keep coming. But we all get shafted in one way or another, so you'll probably get to hear some of my stories over time for your amusement. :)

    Thanks for the welcome.
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    "Yea, I expected that since it was just too funny to be new."

    Your kidding, right?
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    Welcome to the browncafe!! You may now leave because I'm already Fedup with you!!:lol::lol::lol:

    Just kidding....May you Post long and sleep hard!!
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    O.K., I'll crack myself. It's You're kidding - NOT Your kidding!
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    Welcome, Texas!

    And keep in mind that there are 3 kinds of people on this forum.

    Those who can spell and those who cant. :blink:
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    Ok took me 5 days, I figured it out. The third is those who cant count.....:cool:
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    Hello I just joined too

    Sup 4 life here just join want to say hello
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    WElome sup4 life and enjoy your visits. Post often, we all need insight form the other side.
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    :lol:Funny story. I really hope it become true.