Hello all, from NOVA.

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    Hello, I've been interested in getting a UPS job in NOVA.

    I'm currently a college student majoring in Computer Science. Would love to start off as a FT delivery driver if the time is right.

    BTW, how come I can't send a PM? How many posts do I need to use it?
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    Welcome to the BrownCafe!
    There is no minimum requirement to send PM's. I've just sent you one... see if you can respond, maybe you're not doing something right...

    Good luck,

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    Even in NoVa we're not hiring fulltime drivers off the street right now, but we'll probably be among the first areas in the country to do so as soon as the economy starts to show some sustained signs of life. You can probably get on pretty quickly as a part timer at either Newington or Dulles which would be a faster track to fulltime than waiting for a job off the street.
  4. Like I PM to you Sylver, Jones saying the same. Newington so disorganized that they need drivers, the dispatcher really knows what he is doing by putting every split car with 1000 section, if you get lucky some stops might end in the 2000 section, sometimes regular routes going out like that. Why to use the other 7 section if you can make it one right?! The managements relations with drivers at the highest levels, having PCMs everyday saying how much we (the drivers) suck. If you can't make cut off then you got your best sup there who comes out and follows you for hours and write you up for whatever (not covering your mouth while sneezing). :) And to make it even better he was a driver. Ohh... how much I hated that place, those miserable days. You got a higher chance to get hired there. But if you get a chance to choose I would highly recommend Dulles. Going part time then go into full time driver is the only way now and it may take a few years. Again please don't go to Newington unless you have to.
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    Looks like it is a NoGo at Nova (remember your basic spanish, people.).