Hello all..Im a new hire in San Bernardino as a pre loader.

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    I worked as a driver helper this past xmas in the mountain communities of San Bernardino..My driver is a 27yr vet. with ups and was cool as .... to work with. It took me 8 long months of online apps and hr badgering to finally get hired as a permanent employee..sure hope it was worth it...My first training shift begins roughly 24hrs from now!!
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    One of the.biggest differences between being a xmas helper and a preloader is...as a helper, you don't have management squawking at you.
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    1. Work at your own pace.
    2. If a supervisor tells you to hurry up, say okay and keep doing what you are doing.
    3. Don't become a supervisor.
    4. Sign every single bid sheet. Keep up with them and always check for when they come out.
    5. Befriend a vet and learn the game.
    6. Find a union steward and get a little blue book.
    7. Good Luck and make as money as you can.
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    This contract is a little red book.
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    My contract book ,is green. What gives?