Hello and Goodbye (The Rise And Fall Of Nobody)

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    Here's my story...

    I started preloading on June 25 from 5:30-8:30 (mon,fri started at 5:45). I had about 3 days of "training" and then I was loading 4 trucks at the end of the belt. Everything was all lollipops and rainbows until last tuesday I had a terrible day with a sup questioning me on hazmat crap and then the belt was backing up with even more crap and then another sup started whining that I was still there at 8:00. So, after all of the chaos I ended up with a whopping 15 misloads between my 4 trucks....then the next day after work they told me that I was no longer needed and that they'd contact me if they needed me again blah blah blah.

    And there it is...my glorious time at one of the nations greatest companies. UPS (^_^)

    (here I come Mickey D's)
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    Good Luck at McDonald's
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    Tough break, preloading is probably the toughest job at UPS these days. I'd rather deliver than load package cars for the same money.

    Hope you can get my order right at McD's. :)
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    Only 15?
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    sounds like you were set up to fail.
  6. rod

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    If its any consulation pre-load sups don't have much of a life expectancy at UPS either. Maybe you will end up his boss at Micky-D's--- wouldn't that be a classic case of karma. Good luck with whatever you do.
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    Thanks for the replies. I was a bit disappointed at first but now I'm just glad to be out of that hellhole. I used to be a part time land surveyor so I may try to get back into that. UPS helped me realize that...it could be worse.
  8. TearsInRain

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    you had the stupidest management UPS has to offer

    putting a new hire on a 4 car pull is pretty dumb
  9. soberups

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    Our stupidity runs far deeper than that.

    Stick around for 25 yrs like me and you will see for yourself.
  10. Dracula

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    Typical example of UPS bean counting. There are no answers to solve this problem from the pre-seniority, worker side. If management is determined to be this stupid, then this 4 car pull will remain unmanned. At UPS, ignorance has always run straight downhill, at break-neck speed. Sorry, sir, that you were let go. Most likely, it was in your best interest. See, this is how our company operates. Some pinhead, up the chain, says it WILL take this job this many hours. If it doesn't, he yells downhill at the next in line, who does the same. If sanity never shows it's face, someone like you, never gains seniority.

    In the big picture, this is how injuries/accidents also occur.
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    To me this sounds like HR hiring someone, they are put on the floor and it just doesn't work. A new hire isn't what management is looking for or isn't progressing properly so they are set up. Of course the OP can't tell us if he is one of those people, he wouldn't be aware. If he was a good solider UPS would desire him.

    To contribute to the thread, I always stop at Mcdonald's after shift wearing wet, dirty rags needing food and drink after losing 8 lbs the previous 5 hours. Their job looks to be 1% as difficult as what I just put myself through knowing one day I will have a solid job to put my work in and retire as well as those in our current union.

    And people like UPSTATENYUPSER want to make it a two-tier contract for drivers where I am making (arguably) close to what a 22.3 inside makes while he is making hundreds of thousands of dollars more than I. :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: YOU BUDDY!
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    Wow thems fighting words.
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I do not want a two-tiered wage structure put in to place. I would love to see all current and future employees continue to receive their industry leading wages and benefits. The harsh economic reality is that we cannot continue to both provide the above wages/benefits and post record profits. Have you seen those green and white trucks? Have you noticed how full they have been lately? FedEx Ground is a serious competitor and their contractor model and better time in transit gives them a decided advantage over us.

    It doesn't really matter to me. I will have this next contract and the first part of the one to follow and I will be done. I do know that if the disparity in wages and benefits is not addressed in this contract it will most certainly be addressed in the one to follow.

    $32/hr for a job which only requires a HS diploma and drivers license is unheard of in this day and age. A more reasonable cap would be $25-28/hr.
  14. Indecisi0n

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    So are you agreeing with the company that our wage is too high for the work we do?
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Yes. My ex is an RN and it was only recently that she has made more money than me. She helps to save lives--I deliver QVC to hoarders.
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    The issue is not whether UPS drivers are paid too much, too little or just right.
    If one compares the FedEx Ground driver cost per unit of work versus the UPS driver cost per unit of work, then the answer is, as Upstate said, FedEx cost is cheaper.
    US stop density and premium products is the only thing holding up the UPS driver wages at this point ... along with the UPS driver work ethic.

    Since it appears the Teamsters are never going to get anything done in regards to organizing FedEx, the UPS driver ranks are looking at a dim future.

    Looking at these inevitable market pressures and the organizational changes in UPS, at some point, UPS will reorganize breaking off the UPS US Ground into a separate business unit which will eventually go bankrupt along with the UPS commitment to maintain the Teamster retirement pensions and health-care funding.

    Just an observation from the outside.
    I have already sold over 90% of my UPS Stock and when I retire, I will sell most of what I have left.
    It is a good dividend stock for now but once UPS loses the stop density of US Ground, that will be severely cutback.
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    How come when a company seems to be "dying" because of the wages/benefits of this employees no one ever mentions about what a CEO makes? My last company said it was our high wage that was hurting profits but then it came out the president of the company was getting a 1.2 million bonus. Yes, that wasn't his pay but his BONUS ! On top of that neither him or his family will ever pay for benefits since they are covered for life at no charge. I really believe "The rich get richer while the poor get poorer."

    It just makes me so mad knowing that I go in and bust my @$$ everyday and give all I have and some douche bag is sitting in an office someone deciding my fate. Most of those guys don't have a #$#$ing clue how hard we work so to try and take anything away from us hard working guys is an insult. Makes me hate the company I work for.

    QKRSTKR Active Member

    This wouldn't be the case if u didn't get done at 1815 everyday.
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Interesting idea, I don't see how UPS could spin off just ground operations since air and ground are intertwined. It's possible UPS could spin off the United Parcel Service package operations. (Singer got rid of sewing machines long before they were bought up and split up.)

    I agree, it's funny how the board of directors gets another member, Scott Davis gets a huge bonus, the union workers get their agreed upon raises and lower and middle management get shafted.