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  1. jadingra

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    My name is * and I'm starting as a package handler at UPS in Parsipppany New Jersey.
    I was wondering if anyone works at that hub and maybe give me some more details about it.
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    Hello jadingra. I edited your name out of your post to protect your privacy.

    I'm going to move this to the UPS discussions section because you'll be more likely to get responses.

    Welcome to our community.
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    Hey jadingra , glad you found the browncafe.
    Chances that someone in that exact hub found your post are pretty slim though possible.
    What do you want to know? Ups is basically the same everywhere.
    If you ask some specific questions you may get more responses.
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    How to Wendys Training Video from the early 80s - YouTube

    Start running now, its good advice.
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    Our new official greeter!!!:devil3:
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    cant be a driver, looks to be a bit on the heavy side for that job... and he is smiling....... oh that test was easy, and I did not even have to look the the answers UPS give's us in advance....
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    Ask any question you wish, but socks .
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    You mean Clinton's cat , Socks ??
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe jadingra:

    Hopefully you were introduced to your facility prior to your actual employment. UPS will be a lifelong learning experience regardless of how long you decide to stay. Great for resume building, work ethics, corporate politics, etc., etc...

    Note: You will see packages in your sleep for at least the first week or two.
  11. jibbs

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    Dreaming of boxes is no fun. :sad-little: