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  1. Been lurking here for a few weeks. I find the fedex posts hilarious. I had no idea there was such discontent. I'm also glad to see others who do as I do (Work as Directed). I try to be like the penguins on the movie Madagascar. I just "smile and wave" to contractor/terminal manager, then WAD. I enjoy the job for the most part but have no delusions about making it a career. I have bigger and better things in motion, but the Ground life is suitable for the time being. I really enjoy the Ground bashing on here too. I drag my knuckles and leave trails of saliva every where I deliver. :funny:
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    Welcome to the forum!!!!!!

    Please feel free to speak and don't take too much personally.

    Oh, and Dano59 is a shill...
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    Please tell us you don't shave and have many tattoos!!.lol
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    Yes, lots of tats!!!!!
  5. Thank you sir. I may become a regular, although occasional, poster. I am definitely going to spread the WAD message. There's a bunch of stiffs in my terminal. Many of them could fit the "stereotype" of a ground driver to a T. But many are pretty intelligent and "get it". I'm referring them to this forum to partake in the hilarity. I used to think Couriers had it made, but after reading what I have here, I think Im happier here at Ground, LOL. We actually have a decent contractor (Christian guy) who gives slightly higher than industry avg. salaries, and decent benefits. I'll probably be singing a different tune in December though. Thanks for the welcome~
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    It's nice to see WAD spreading to Ground too. Maybe Uncle Fred will lose a few bucks in the process.
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    Welcome...sounds like you possess the necessary attitude to survive your time (however long - or short - it may be) on the job. Jump on in, and remember - FedEx sucks! (all of it)
  8. I was smart. Got all my tattoos in prison. It's much cheaper that way. And yes I shave. Mainly my legs.
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  10. I assure you, MrFedEx, WAD is very common. In fact, there are many people who are too lazy to even WAD. There are only a few hard chargers. And yes, I have seen Fred lose thousands of dollars due to ground inefficiencies. Our hiring pool ensures constant mistakes, late pickup fines, customer disputes, mechanical failures, & all the usual, etc. It hits the contractor mostly, but Im sure Fred and his hundreds of minions don't smile when they read the spreadsheets, but I hope that makes you smile.
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    Welcome. I find it a great place to get insight on the way other stations run things and what they're keeping from us. Funny when, i first joined, I would tell some of my co-workers of something coming in the future that would effect us and, in the beginning, they call Bs. Then when it became law, they ask how the heck did you know? Also, its a great place to vent where people get it.
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    Yeah you are right you guys :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: up, have an attitude, constantly complain and it is all on the contractor who has a huge investment that could be taken away in a ny minute because in the end it is all on the contractor especially with sloppy and inaccurate scanning which I'd almost always grounds for termination of Contract.

    The economy in nyc great similar to 1998-2000 it is nearly impossible to find qualified people when you can only pay a driver $800 a week when rent is over $2000 a month, I mean I can't pay any more because it won't be economically possible to stay in business and you can be a laborer for $30 an hour with most of the unions

    I will say this, most of the people working for ground will never move up in life professionally of course there are still the array of generous govt benefits like medicaid, which, headstart which I think acts as a disincentive.
    BTW, where does one get the money for what is probably over $5000 worth of tattoo ink, the $150 sneakers and of course the Iphone plan. .
  13. Get your ass out there and drive then??? Then you can pay yourself whatever you want. If your routes suck so bad, THEN SELL THEM. Why are you complaining to me? If you take the time, I state in my other posts that I am mostly happy with my salary and working conditions. I also state I work for a good contractor. The post you quoted is me telling MrFedEx about the things I have seen that have cost Ground money. I make mistakes, sure, but I am just as professional and accurate as any of the good ground drivers. Are you asking me why I have an iphone, 150$ shoes, and 5000$ worth of tattoos, or is that a rhetorical question? I have none of those things. Go ask the driver that has those things why he has them. Your post is hard to read. There is a built in text editor in your computer. Maybe most drivers will never move up in life, but you can't apply that label to complete strangers. If your routes are so terrible, go sell them. In the 8 minutes it took you to write that drivel, you could have been on mygroundbiz or whatever looking for buyers. Instead of replying to my retort, take that time and go look for buyers. In fact, log off this website completely and spend all your posting time looking for buyers.
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    In my experience, most ISPs and contractors that complain about pay are just small business owners that pretend they're large business owners and spend on themselves accordingly; e.g., they drive 2014 Porsche 911 and wonder why they can't afford to get their delivery trucks fixed, and their driver employees race each other to the bank after preload because it is a real possibility that the paycheck of the last one in will bounce. Unless you're doing really well for yourself, non-driving owners paying themselves a massive salary seems like a bad idea.
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    You, sir, speak truth. We had a contractor friend consistently pay himself double what we make, drive a couple nice cars, and live in a very nice house. We could never figure it out how he was doing it....until he lost his house to foreclosure, sold a car, and had to sell off a route to get cash in hand.
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    Cjix is a ma'am, not a sir.
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    Oh, my bad. Stereotypical assumption. =)