hello from Barrie Ontario, Canada - looking for diad tips

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    hy my name is chris and i've been with ups for 17 years, i just had some questions about the diad 3 since we are still using it, and wanted to know any shortcuts or info about the board that not everybody would know?:happy2:
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    Hi Barrie,

    Welcome to the Brown Cafe! I'm sure someone here has plenty of tricks up their sleeve..:wink2:
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    Well a lot Ive learned about this diad is from a rookie (well 5 years of service) He knows all about time allowance features but the best thing that he has told me and have used a few times is that if/when diad goes into basecom just remove the battery and reinstall bang/zoom back up and running. If you dont know where or how to do this the battery is at the bottom of the diad and has a large screw slot on it so use a looney or even the pkg car # tag on the key ring turn it counter clockwise like a half turn and it comes out just push it back in and diad reboots not losing any imfo. After you do this go back into edit deliveries because once I had to go and rescan my last delivery.
    This may be obvious to you but I have only known it for a few years.
    Oh and another thing I learned just a few months ago was if you typed in an address and now your into company hit little arrow up and it will show you a group of streets that are close by Very handy if your a swing driver or loading an unfirmiliar truck.
    Yeah I said Loonie.
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    StevetheUPSguy posts have quite a few pictures of the DIAD but that's another story.:biting:
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    Do you buy your salt in bulk or just when you need it?
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    Did you used to work in humber center?
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    Big fan of the little flashlight... cycle key then light key. great for key entering in the dark.

    Comm menu - Rad_off... gets rid of those pesky ods messages. Another personal favorite.