Hello from...L.A!

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  1. TheJoe

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    Yeah...not as exotic and cool as some of these other ones (germany, maine, cuba, etc) but its amazing how we're all from such different places but pretty much doing the same things.

    So yeah, Im out of Los Angeles, been with ups as a preloader for 4 years. I forgot how I stumbled upon this site but its amazing. So here's another "intro" post....so hi everyone.
  2. Bigfoot76

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    Greetings from Germany
  3. over9five

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    Welcome to Brown Cafe, TheJoe! (Maine exotic???? OK....)
  4. Mr Jingles

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    Welcome to Brown Cafe Joe.

    This what we think:

    I Love L.A-Randy Newman
  5. tonyexpress

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    Welcome to the BrownCafe! I'm just south of you in Orange County CA. Was just up in your neck of the woods a few weeks ago, Hollywood...You want talk exotic....:happy-very:
  6. TheJoe

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    oh yeah huh, hah...I guess that doesnt quite fall under that category.