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    Hey everyone, my name is Bryan, I just completed the season as helper, I had doubts going into this whole process after reading reviews but I was fortunate enough to land as a helper on a Mall route doing all Mall delivery's, Advantage was I was out of the weather for the most part, but it was alot heavy boxes and tons of PEOPLE! But I can say I LOVED it, The driver told me there are alot of guys that dont like the route but I really enjoyed myself and the driver who has been with UPS 23 years 11 on the route, was a real big motivation and the reason why I chose to stick with UPS, I hope to be brought back after the new years, and we will see, so Im guessing the next step would be package sorter or loader or something? People ive spoken to keeps telling me how diffilcult it will be, but Im going to stay positive, I hope to continue with UPS hopefully it all works out! Anyway enough rambling, hope to learn alot on here!
  2. Jones

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    Welcome aboard Kid :happy2:
    Which mall were you working at?
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe, KidKrazy! Sure sounds like you have a great attitude, good luck!
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    Jones - I was at Dulles Town Center.

    Over9five - Thank you, Ive only been on this earth 20 years but have realized, staying positive and having a great attitude not only boost you as a person, but has an effect on the people you work around!

    Thank you guys for the welcome.
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    Hi kidkrazy, welcome to bc. It's fun and crazy here, be warned...lol
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    Perhaps some of your great attitude will rub off on some of the others, Nice going!

    Welcome to the BrownCafe Kidkrazy!:peaceful:
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    Welcome kidkrazy, like your attitude, good luck with a job with UPS, keep trying and keep you application updated. Glad to have you here.
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    Hello again, I figured I would post in this thread instead of making a new one, but Bigbrownhen, you mentioned to try and keep the application updated? After a certain time, do I need to call and see the open positions available for post peak employment, or wait for the phonecall? Also for anyone that can answer this I think I would do better on unload than preload (Although I have never done eaither), if they start you off on preload and its kind of a "struggle" will they try you out at different positions within the hub? Thanks
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Kid, they have been doing this for a long time and will assess your skills and place you accordingly.
  10. Kidkrazy

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    Thanks, thats what I figured, Thank you! Safe Travels!
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    Greetings from Germany
  12. stevetheupsguy

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    This isn't always necessarily the case, Upstate. I've seen many a preloader that should have been "assigned" elsewhere.