Hello guys i'm new to the site and just had my tour

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    Last night I had a tour of the ups hub in houston. Everything seem real good. The work seem hard, but I know I can handle it because my heart will be in it. The benefits are the best from what I seen anywhere. Before the tour he let us know that is was a seasonal job and after dec. 31 if i'm right we all will get cut . From Jan- to early Feb he stated that he will be rehiring people who did good during the seasonal times. So thats a big plus for me. He also said since it was a small group doing the tour he said he would interview us after the tour. During the tour he let us know that this job isn't for anyone and that you will get cut and bruises. He let us know that your body will be really sore after the first few weeks. Se also said that he hired alot of people two weeks ago who are no longer with the company so he gave us time to think about what we are getting into and told us to come back tonight for the interview. I'm going back cause i'm still 100% interested in ups. What should I expect from the interview guys? What type of questions? What can I do to land this career at ups cause i'm not looking for a job?

    Thanks in advance god bless you all!
  2. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    "...During the tour he let us know that this job isn't for anyone..."

    That is the first honest interviewer I ever heard of.
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  4. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    Work hard. Don't let it get to you. Ignore the idiots. Work safe first, fast second. Outperforming others is not rewarded, but taken advantage of. Show up, all the time, no excuses, and do your best. Try not to buy in to the "us vs them" mentality, or it can get miserable when it does not have to be.

    Your interview, as long as you are breathing, will go fine.
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    find some workboots and break them in NOW.
    Before starting work everyday take some pain killers, believe me this will help. Bring fluids, and a sweat rag. Maybe gloves too.
    At your interview ask about the proper work methods they want you to apply.
    Tell them you plan on working safely, at a reasonable pace. Show up early . Be alert. Ask for contact numbers to HR, your work area, etc. Ask about union rules, who to contact, and how.
    Time frames for benefits ( how long before they kick in ), break periods, location of emergency supplies, exit routes, & what different shifts are open. let mgt people know who you are, very important when they are calling back people.
  6. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    "...let mgt people know who you are, very important when they are calling back people. .."

    EXCELLENT point
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    thanks guys
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    I would tend to agree with Baba Gounj except for the pain killers!!! Don't start popping Advil or IBprophin like M&m'S THEY EAT AWAY AT YOUR STOMACH AFTER TIME trust me hot shower or hot bath helps the rookie pain good luck sailor and keep us posted!!!!
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    It's best to take a luke warm bath not a hot one. I learned that from my Wii Fit. For soreness anyways. A hot bath is fantastic for what it is! Be honest with your interviewer. They don't really care if your saved or not, but they do know that a lot of Christians are generally hard workers so count your blessings on that one! Be honest. Don't worry about being nervous. Let them know you would like a career here in the future and if you really are serious about wanting a permanent position here then let it show in the interview and your work. Good luck!
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    Work hard and at a steady pace, but do not be unsafe I do not care how much they yell scream or carry on be safe and follow the methods they teach you. Also the first week will be overwhelming just pay attention to other workers and learn from them also get lots of sleep and drink plenty of fluids. Good Luck and keep us posted.
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    Thanks guys tonight is the big night so I will let it all out in the interview. I been doing pushups all day to ease some of the pain (yeah like only 5% of it :D) but thanks so much guys I can't wait!!!
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    I had the tour/interview at 4:00 this morning at the Sweetwater (Houston) hub for the sunrise shift. My interviewer gave pretty much the same info as your's did as far as soreness, working conditions, etc.

    Interview questions were why did you choose this shift, what skills do you bring to the job, can you meet all the job requirements (lifting, etc.), do you have reliable transportation. Interview only took about 5 minutes. Only 4 of us on the tour, and one guy skipped out after the tour and before his interview.

    HR guy said that background check usually takes 2-3 days but he would be on vacation next week, so I probably wouldn't start until the following week unless they were really desperate for help in which case they might call him at home and I could possibly start sometime next week.
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    oh cool man hopefully I will be working at that same location. Goodluck man and god bless
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    Oh man... I laughed for a good five minutes.
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    Will you show us your puppies?
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    Well just came from my interview I think it went will go. He ask me if the background come back before sunday can I work sunday I said yes. Then after I ask for his number so I can call him just in case he doesn't call me. :D
  17. Baba gounj

    Baba gounj pensioner

    Good Luck

    Work safely.
  18. UnsurePost

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    Painkillers; check.

    Xanex; check.

    Coffee; check.

    Beer; check.

    sweat rag; check.

    Back brace; check.

    "Jesus Saves" Pin or T-shirt; check.

    "Christmas is glorious aside from , you know, peak..." check.

    hotjobs.com; check.
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    Thanks guys lol @ sleeve_meet. I will be working from 11:00 p.m to 4:30 a.m. So i'm trying to find a job that I can work during the day atm. But i'm going search for boots and gloves today. Anyone have an idea where I can find some for a reasonable price? I know wal-mart is one but what are some others?
  20. evilleace

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    Look at some online retailers if you have another pair to wear in the meantime if not try a local shoe store timberland, redwings, and columbia are good brands although they do not come cheap. Do not buy cheap boots if you can afford it as you will regret it later and your feet and body will thank you for good boots also I recommend steel toe and a higher boot with some ankle support. As far as gloves go mechanics gloves are the best just don't get anything to bulky Good Luck.

    (USe the search there are a couple of threads about footwear already on this site)