Hello! New Driver with some questions!

Discussion in 'Introductions and Welcomes' started by 3inBRWN, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. 3inBRWN

    3inBRWN New Member

    Hello guys and girls,
    I recently completed my drivers classes and had a question about my pay if and when I preload.

    I was told by my driving sup that if I'm preloading I would still be on driver pay because I'm a driver now. But, our AM Sup said If I'm preloading, I'm on preload pay. Anyone have any exp. with this?

    I searched for it in the search bar, but couldn't find much.

    I know I'll be driving soon, and that I'll mostly be part time/cover driving and I'm ok with that, we are losing two drivers just before Holiday/winter so I'll be driving full time by thanksgiving and hopefully sooner if I can kick some ass.

    Thanks guys!

    I look forward to spending more time here and with this company!
  2. Gumby

    Gumby *

    If you only preload, its preload pay.

    Welcome to Brown Cafe and UPS.
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  3. 3inBRWN

    3inBRWN New Member

    OK, so If I come in to preload and then drive after, it's just extra time at driver pay then? Just making sure, because I'll be driving tuesday and wednesday and also preloading in the AM.
  4. Gumby

    Gumby *

    It should be. The rules are not the same everywhere.

    Wish I had a better answer.
  5. 3inBRWN

    3inBRWN New Member

    Understandable. I appreciate your input. Thanks!
  6. Gumby

    Gumby *

    Just work hàrd and be safe.

    Good luck to you.
  7. Billy Ray

    Billy Ray God, help us all.....

    How long have you worked preload?
  8. 3inBRWN

    3inBRWN New Member

    I was preloading for 3 weeks. I was the only person that wanted to drive after they let a former driver go. We have slowed down from what I've been told, but they'll need another full time driver ready to go before these 2 retire. I was told they want me trained now so when we do need there routes filled, I'm next in line and already comfortable on the road. we are a smaller hub so our seniority list is very small.

    Got very lucky to be in the right place at the right time.
  9. Shifting Contents

    Shifting Contents Most Help Needed

    I don't believe you

    I've seen people trade babies for full time slots
  10. msstatedawg

    msstatedawg New Member

  11. Shifting Contents

    Shifting Contents Most Help Needed

    You don't say
  12. 3inBRWN

    3inBRWN New Member

    lol from what I was told from my driving sup was that the sign up list was out and no one signed it, the available options that COULD have driven, one failed the road test(I don't know how) which caused them to come to me.

    All in all, I had my DOT Physical and road test done on the same day they asked me, and was sent off to school on monday night. Had about 3 days notice.
  13. Turdferguson

    Turdferguson Guest

    What about eggs?
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  14. Billy Ray

    Billy Ray God, help us all.....

    3 weeks?

    ..... and you're upset about which pay rate you might be working under?
  15. Gumby

    Gumby *

  16. 3inBRWN

    3inBRWN New Member

    Where in my post did I ever mention being upset? I asked questions, just finding out information. Use your eyes before you use your mouth.
  17. Patsash2010

    Patsash2010 New Member

    If ypu are a cover driver, you r paid by whatever job u r performing. So if you work 4 hours preload, then drive, you will be paid for 4 hrs pf preload pay and then however many hours you drive is driving pay. If you are ft driver, idk.
  18. 3inBRWN

    3inBRWN New Member

    That makes sense, thanks!
  19. By The Book

    By The Book Well-Known Member

    Depends on your supplement in your contract. You should call your local union office and ask to speak to your business agent. While on the phone ask if they have any extra contract books, I don't think you have one. In some locals you are paid at the higher rate of pay, all day, unless when you drive you only handle air packages. An example is if delivery pay is 18.75, and preload pay is 10.50, you get 18.75 all day if you deliver ground packages.
  20. Shifting Contents

    Shifting Contents Most Help Needed

    He can't possibly be union.

    He's worked at ups for 3 weeks