Hello peeps, PLZ help need email domain

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  1. Angel Gomez

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    Hello everyone, I'm new here just made this account tonight cause i need some help. So I'm trying to set up my discount for spriint but it asks for a domain work email which im not sure what is or if i even have one. Can someone plz help! i want that discount!
  2. texan

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    Try and Call: 866-853-4931 and ask for assistance, sharing your concern. Not every UPSer has a Domain email. THat would be your name @UPS.COM. Share this with them when you call. That only (a guess) 5 to 10 per cent have an active Doamin email account.
  3. texan

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    Sorry the BC web site went down for three minutes when I went to edit my reply. "Domain email account". and "That":blushing2:
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The easiest way to get your discount is to go to your local Sprint store with proof of employment (ID or paystub).
  5. Blexcroid

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    I had to go into an AT&T corporate store to get my discount because we do not have a work email. BTW - This is NOT an "Authorized Reseller" store. I had to bring a pay stub and conveniently came in uniform too. They made a copy of my pay stub and there was a VERY brief form I had to fill out. I did this on Wednesday morning and received a confirmation text message late Thursday afternoon.
    The driver who told me about the discount has Sprint and had to do a similar thing. Hope this helps.