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    Nice to meet you all! I have been working as part time loader/unloader since october and actually like the workout and environment. I have a question maybe someone has some insight on, I work HARD and am QUICK, I usually get a 'great job' by supervisors and helped set a performance record so my performance isn't in question (at least that is what I believe) the question is from the start I have a week here and there with no work. I also have had a double shift and overtime on a few checks when it was peaking but I went to work on the 3rd worked an hour and was sent home and haven't had work since, am I being let go for some reason? I figured by now I would have steady hours week to week...
  2. Tomco260

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    Never mind, I just got my answer...
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    Hey Tomco. Just got hired for the same position and I'm starting next week. If you don't mind sharing...what was the deal with your spotty hours? Just looking for a heads up...thanks.
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    Spotty hours are the ups way for pt newbies. Your performance frequently won't be able to help this. Its union contract seniority list work and when you're at the bottom of the list expect to not work some of the time. Hang in. It'll pass.
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    Once you get your seniority your are guaranteed 3 1/2 hours work,but you need to speak up and request it.
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