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    My name is Teo and I am in the process of getting hired as a PT package handler. I have my second trip to be processed in about a week and I am excited about starting. Though I know that we are not promised the future, I am planning on staying long-term. Right now, I am getting my Aircraft Maintenance Technician licenses and would like to apply for that position with UPS when I get my FAA certifications. I am also getting my pilot ratings but since that will take a while to get my ATP license and get enough hours to be able to do that with UPS, I plan on being a package handler until I'm able to get my AMT license, and then do that at UPS until I have enough hours flying.

    I joined this forum to learn more about UPS and this is the first union job that I am getting in to. How do promotions work at UPS, and especially in regards to what I have in mind as a future career path? I have general vague notions about bidding and seniority - but not sure about specifics. And also understand that the AMTs and package handlers are part of the Teamsters, while UPS pilots have their own union. Is the path that I have in mind feasible? Does the unionization help or hinder internal mobility?

    I know these are some deep questions for the introductory forum but I appreciate all reponses and look forward to posting in this community! :happy2:
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    Teo welcome to brown cafe,
    you should look into your local, we are from all over the country
    and we have different supplements, good luck
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    Thanks! I will look into what they say. From what I had heard from HR is that when I get my FAA A&P certifications that I can apply for AMT positions despite not having much seniority because it requires special training. But perhaps the local will have more info....
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