Help! Am i @ the correct pay rate?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by UPS98, Nov 1, 2009.

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    Hello, Fellow Upsers.. This may of been Posted Before... But im New to this Forum..So let me Slide on this one..

    Ive Been With UPS Since 8/98
    and Finally Decided to go Driving around 8/07.
    The thing is i Jumped Straight into the Full time position..
    Never air Drove or Cover drove... Stupid Mistake, But i didnt wanna Play the
    bull***T game of.. AM I Going to work/what are they going to have me doing today...
    So i took that Full time job when the Bid sheet went up!!

    My current pay rate is $18.90
    and ive been getting the run around on when im going to top out!

    is it 24,26 or 30
    Someone told me i was Under the Old contract.. and should be 26....

    either way im almost there with the $10+ Jump.. but I want to be on top of things..
    Thanks Guys in advance..:surprised:
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    You fall under the "old" Contract. So you make Top Rate after two-and-a-half years (30 months.)

    The "new" Contract, for driver entering the classification after August 1, 2008, requires a three year wait (36 months) to make Top Rate.

    Be sure to read Article 41, Section 2, c in both Contracts. Do not read Article 41, Section 2, a.
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    I cover drove for the better part of last year OP, and my rate is 24.86 or something like that as a cover driver and it is still the same now that i am full time.I know for a while there was a driver who went from pt sup to full time driver and he was making less than i was for a while till he hit his full progression at top rate. I started full time in january so hopefully i would hit full pay sometime in 2011 when top rate is 30.81
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    thanks 30 months...
    sounds correct!

    also Where should i be at progression....
    is there another pay jump.. or i go straight to the top @ 30 months?

    once again..all is appreciated!!! thanx guys!!
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    UPS98, unless you were "red circled" at a rate higher than the progression rate, you should have been bumped up to the new progression rates on August 1, 2008, and received the semi-annual General Wage Increases from that date foreward.

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    When you make full scale your pay rate should be just over $29.00. You will make what every other full scale PC driver makes. Congrats.