Help! Can They Only Take Away Cell Phones from Part-timers ONLY??

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    Hello all,
    I know you all are experts in the contract, etc., so I need your help. At my husband's hub, they have taken away the cell phones of ONLY part-time employees but the full-time guys (drivers, etc.- any position), are getting to keep them. My husband even had a sticker for his phone authorizing him to keep it with him. They said it was "due to the theft of Blackberries" which was news to everyone. Seems to me that they should have punished the thieves and increased security rather than punish those part-time employees or made the no cell phone policy across the board. Why are the part-time employees' phones be more at risk than full-time employees or management?? The union had at first stopped this but is now giving in.
    The sups are supposed to answer their cells in emergencies but are not the most reliable. My mother lives with us and has had health problems (strokes) and it makes me nervous. Trying to get in touch with my husband for hours to tell him an ambulance took her or some other emergency is a horrible thought.
    Rather than the sups patrol and get a security problem under control (if it truly exists) they take away the phones. I think it is really due to people being on their phones during work hours which, again, the sups should crack down on those people rather than make everyone suffer. I don't know if the part-time drivers actually have to do this or actually follow it ;0 but I hope not. I would hate to think of my husband on the road without a cell phone (mine works inside). Any help out there?
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    Cameras and recording devices are prohibited on UPS property. I don`t think they can take them away from you but I`m sure they can tell you to turn them off. I`m sure they would be willing to make exceptions for medical reasons.
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    This is only a guess, but texting may be the real problem. Loss of productivity.
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    or that people plug earphones into them and talk while working.

    a few bad apples spoil the bunch.
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    Hey, don't blame this on Steve Jobs. It's not his fault.
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    No go, they are aware of the situation. They won't even tell who the "order" from "above" (management) came from. I can certainly understand taking them away from ALL employees or NONE, but not just some. The sups need to get out there and write up the ones who are abusing the privilege. Some of the people in that hub get away with murder and the sups do nothing! I guess this was easier.
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    Tell your husband to file a grievance.
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    That was done here a few years back. Originally they were going to disallow cell phones for all employees except drivers, but we have a sizeable number of combo workers that was going to affect so they just said only full timers can have cell phones. I was actually surprised they stuck with it too as in previous years they would crack down on people with cell phones then ease up allowing them again. So far they haven't changed their stance and I don't believe management will anytime soon.
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    Its probably not a ironclad policy. If you have a legitimate reason to have the phone with you, like your wife is expecting a child, I'm sure they would make an exception for you.

    But I believe it to be a reasonable policy of any large corporation considering most phones now have camera/video functionality and usb storage capabilties. Both of which can be security issues.
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    Has your husband talked to the center manager about the importance of having a phone? I agree that it would be a nightmare to need him and not be able to get ahold of him. Wonder if the doctor could write something up regarding health problems and need for communication but don't know if it would help.

    I have taken mine in a few times when I thought an urgent call might come in but they never knew it as I never took it out of my pocket. It would be good if your husband did the same. Just don't bring it out unless he must check a call to see if it's you and only stay on if it's urgent.

    Yes, there is a problem at UPS with people texting and taking pictures. It goes on an awful lot at our center. Writing the offenders up is a joke, as anyone bold enough to mess with a phone during work hours is bold enough to disregard the warning. Hope all goes well.
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    Back to the OP--what would your expect your husband to do if your mother does have to go to the hospital? It's not as though he is going to be able to leave work on a moment's notice. His shift is relatively short and I am sure the first thing he does when he punches out is check his cell phone for texts/voice mails.

    Cell phones are an unnecessary distraction in the hub.

    Cell phones can be extremely helpful while on the road.
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    yeah--I served my country while you were playing kickball during recess.
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    Your lack of maturity is a clear indicator.
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    It's control. They took them away from our p-ters because pyscho Susie didn't like us texting dirty jokes to each other on break.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Based on the source, none taken.
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    ...and so is taking a cheap shot at someone without provocation.
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    Thanks but I'm pretty sure I can handle "Superstar" on my own.
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    Yea! Hello is right. He only picks on PT sups. Up is a driver.
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    Thanks everyone for your replies. It's nice to see people respond. I can see the security issues (I never thought of that)- as a matter of fact, they just posted a notice about no Bluetooth allowed recently. I just wish they would be fair and equal about it and it is either a necessary step or it isn't and should be enforced for all. The knowledge about our circumstances was how he got his authorization sticker in the first place (that was recently taken away) is well known. I didn't mention it, but my health is much worse than my mother's. They have let him go before in very RARE (we do not abuse this privilege) emergency situations. In my family, it is not "what can you do anyway" by leaving, but merely being there in a true emergency. My husband is very serious about his job and doesn't take off unless absolutely necessary. I can't imagine waiting 4 hours to let someone know someone has had a stroke or something worse and as I said, they simply do not have someone answering a phone as promised in place of these phones that they have taken away.
    It is good to know that other hubs have done this and that his is not just singled out. We did wonder if it was just his hub- just a "control" thing. A grievance will be filed, too. The calls and texting going on in these other hubs sounds equally outrageous. They do need to do something, even if it means taking phones away, just do it to everyone or come up with something else to fix the problem. Some of these people using their phones instead of working will do it until the day they get fired, it's true, and it helps to know other hubs have people who some how get away with it, too. The "Clueless" thought just killed me! Thanks for letting us know that we are not alone and how similar it is in other hubs! Thank you!
  20. iamupser

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    It amazes me that they don't/can't ban cell phones in schools because of the distraction they are, usually citing safety as the reason, yet corporations can ban an adult from using a legitmate tool for the health and safety of a family member. They could always make an "emergency clause" instead of a complete ban.

    Also, funny when it benefits UPS, such as a driver or mechanic communicating on behalf of UPS it's OK!