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  1. About half of us have been called in the office lately for over allowed..... Sort been running like crap, normal, drivers been in the building for upwards of 45 minutes waiting to get our trucks loaded. Have been told we couldnt put that time in the sort and load, because it will hurt their time!!!! I told my sup this AM the reason I have been over a extra 20-45 min was due to the am time...He said the AM time did not affect our over and under time!!!! Said our time allowance started when we left the building... Is this right or a crock...... I think anything over 10 min in the AM goes against your time>>>>>
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    Don't let them get you worked up about being over allowed. If you get written up grieve and it will be thrown out. follow methods and you will be o.k.
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    Every driver when called into the office should demand a sup ride with them that day.
  4. UnsurePost

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    According to the metric manipulation reports that are posted in our center, anything over the "over" regarding Am time does indeed pile on your o/u for the day.
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    Don't get caught up in that game of worrying about what time gets charged where and trying to justify your over/under, just do your job and let the chips fall where they may. If they have a problem with your numbers ask them specifically what they want you to do differently. "We need you to make 9.5" and "You need to start running scratch" are not acceptable answers.
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    The AM time does affect your over/under and should be charged against the preload.
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    Document every minute of your time in a notebook. If you get written up, use your notes for your rebuttal grievance. They are trying to get you to make up the am time with you being stupid, i.e. running stops, skipping lunch. Just do the right thing, it will work itself put eventually.
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    Your boss is either lying to you or is on drugs or both.In building time absolutely affects overallowed. He is just trying to pass the buck on why he cant get the sort down.Just ignore him-sounds like he will eventually get himself fired.
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    Over allowed is nothing to be concerned about. The Union does not recognize over/under and you cannot be disciplined for it. As was said earlier, ask for specefic sugestions as to what you need to improve on. If nothing is told you then you are doing nothing wrong I guess!! Just tell them your doing your best!!
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    I think what happens is: when AM time gets out of hand on a certain day or time period and is flavor of the month, management digs themselves into :censored2: so deep they cannot possibly manipulate the numbers and smooth out the issue of AM over -time. By the time that data gets into upper -managements hands, it is no longer fudgable within reason (lol).

    Basically, the employee gets a lashing for the lack of ability to lie on reports to cover up the issue. Had it only been a few minutes, the center manager and preload mgr would have been able to pass off the minutes between each other, or other areas and balance the scorecard.

    Correct me if I'm wrong. :D
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    If the AM time is 10 minutes or less I will not make an issue of it and will not record it as sort/load--if it exceeds 10 minutes I do.
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    We can not use sort and load. If we do, the boss removes it. Basically we are loading our trucks for free.
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    As long as my timecard accurately reflects the number of hours I was on the clock and getting paid...petty details such as which part of the operation is getting "charged" for my time are irrelevant. I let the bean-counters and paper-wranglers obsess over such administrivia; my only concern is getting paid. If the company doesnt like the numbers that are getting printed out on some report, then they are free to make whatever changes they need to make so that the numbers look prettier. It isnt my problem.
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    I am doing the best I can.

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    great post
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    Nice! Never heard that.

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    The past 6 months, everytime the preload isn't wrapped, they make us put in our diads 5 or 10 minutes approved meeting. It must mean something so the center doesnt get charged extra.
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    Ap meeting is safety charge.
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    They tell us the same thing; I refuse to do it. They have the ability to edit my timecard themselves if they just want to look at make-believe numbers, but I wont do it for them.
  20. I would be filing a grievance against whoever the preload manager is and whoever is instructing people to falsify their timecard. The company needs to be called out on their BS now more than ever. Stops per car and OT hours are up -- grievance filing should be at an all-time high.