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  1. Brown Rocket

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    I need some ideas guys. I am one up from the bottom on the seniority list for full time drivers in a VERY seasonal center so Iam used to playing the laid off in the summer game. But due to the economy the lay offs in my building have gone to a new extreme. A lot of the drivers that are higher up were caught with thier pants down. People are nearly losing cars, homes, are having difficulties in marriages because of money and are generally miserable. Not to mention our new center manager is an ass, treats people like crap and actually said to a driver, "It's not my fault you are not a man and can't pay your bills."

    So my first thought was to h ave a BBQ at the beach. Only we are laid off drivers; we have no money. Then I thought of doing some fund raisers or something but the only thing I could come up with was a car wash like in high school. Something tells me that wouldn't go over well, nor would it make much money.

    Any ideas guys? I could really use some help helping my brothers . . .
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    The first thing you and your other laid off drivers need to do is tell the rest of them to stop running and to take every minute of their lunch breaks and to stop sorting prior to start time.
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    Actually, we are the worst over allowed center in our division. Our motto is "Over allowed and proud." The new center manager is screwing with people so they are screwing back. Volume is WAAAAAY down but stops per car are WAAAAAAY up.
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    I applaud your efforts to find a solution to the lay off problem at your center.
    Being a driver that came up through the pt ranks, like many I have had many supplemental forms of income through lean years.

    Bake sales and car washes are only band aids and are only temporary help at best. My experience is that the driver ahead of you will be too busy to help out as soon as he is back to work because UPS just is such a demanding job, when you are working.

    If I were to be laid off in this economy I would look around for a way to use whatever talent I had to fill a need in your community. Maybe you guys can do a home weatherization business (doors, windows, pipes etc.) and rotate duties around the different drivers. Find out what your unemployment benefit limits are and shoot for that. It's a place to start.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    The new center manager might want to check his rear view mirror on the way home.
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    In our center the more seniority drivers will take a day off here and there to make sure that the less seniority drivers get their days in.

    The one thing that this recession should have taught us all is to live within our means, pay down our debts and build up an emergency fund.

    I do feel sorry for you and your co-workers and do hope that you will be back to work shortly.
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    LAYOFFS ? GO ON craigs list nyc under transportation UPS maspeth queens nyc hiring off the street tactor trailer and pkg car drivers?
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    HA ha ha Yeah I know

    Our old center manager would do that for us. This new guy "doesn't play that game."

    My bills are paid by one week of driving which is almost equal to a month of working part time. I was prepared due to being so low on the seniority list. I just wish there was something I could do for the other guys that never saw it coming.

    Sounds like a solid idea.

    Thanks guys. Looking for some ideas and got some.
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    you guys can start a "Fight Club" and invite your manager over.
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    If they couldn`t see this coming they need a seeing eye dog.
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    We've generally always laid off 10-15 drivers every year. Those guys are mostly ok and planned for it. But we've toped out at nearly 40 drivers laid off in my center so I have some sympathy for the top 15 guys and can say that they probably didn't see it coming.
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    I think I just peed a little. Best idea ever.