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  1. skeet skeet

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    i got a question about getting lay offed!! ive heard that in the begining of the year full time drivers are gonna get layed off beause feeder drivers are getting sent back to do package driving... i was wondering do i have a choice to go back to the hub or will i just get layed off?
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    i lold @ lay offd
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    We had a feeder driver come back to our center for a week on a lay-off. This was about 2 months ago. Western Conference
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    Our center will probably have 3 feeder drivers make their return to package around the mid-point of January. They have been promoted to feeder over 2 years ago but have yet to gain their senority. We haven't had a feeder promotion from package since then. The runs just aren't there. It is unclear how long they will be here but we will lose a few cover drivers to the hub for sure after peak. I'm about 7th from the bottom on the full-time driver list. I should be ok but if I was at the bottom, I'd worry just a little bit.
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    Grow up and give the kid a break.
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    No worrys about layoffs take upstatenyers place he said he was quitting 6 weeks ago and about 200 posts ago? By buy. Upstate nyer has not been my hero in weeks but here we go one more time,.
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    What did your shop steward say when you asked him/her???

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    Elton--I missed you.
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    Come on Upstate, "lay offed" was funny!!
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    In our center our steward said that laid off drivers have the option to work in preload or sort OR both to get their 8Hrs in. The real victims would be the low end part-timers.
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    You wiil have the option to double shift to get 8 hrs.