Help new part sup. Have to wait to get health insurance

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    If I get hired as a pre-load pt sup. How long until I get insurance? At what cost for a family? Should I stay pt hourly
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    If I get hired as a pre-load pt sup. How long until I get insurance?

    I don't believe that there is a waiting period for management.

    At what cost for a family?

    I have absolutely no idea.

    Should I stay pt hourly?

    Only you can answer that question. Your answer will depend upon what your goals are with the company, whether you are simply working here while you are going to school to take advanatge of tuition reimbursement or if you wish to make UPS your career. Preload PT sup has become nothing more than a loader with a polo shirt in many buildings. Your hours are limited (27.5) as are your responsibilities.
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    YEA I WOULD .IF YOU DID IT ANY OTHER WAY IT WOULD BE WRONG. DONT YOU THINK? ASK IF YOU CAN BE BOTH. AND SEE WHAT YOU LIKE BEST How MUCH INSURANCE DO YOU NEED BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW it depends on what position your in on how much insurance you get.? iI think you should do it. or maybe not. I would ask kline.
  4. 1. you get your insurance immediately

    2. the cost depends on which insurance provider/plan you select

    3. this is a question only you can answer. I've seen a lot of frustrated PT supes and a lot that deal with it just fine. How long have you been with the company? I think that plays into it. At our building its hard because we don't have as many FT coordinators on our shift anymore that can actually be in the operation (PDS' are supposed to be PDSing, not out in the operation all the time from what I've heard lately) so some of our supes seem to be getting a little frustrated as they don't know what some forms are or how to use them etc etc. Some aren't sure of all the reset switches as some belts can be turned off in multiple places and if its not running it might be off in an area our shift doesn't use (so they're not aware such a switch exists). Things like that.

    Its not that the FT supes we do have don't care (they certainly do) but they are getting pulled in 100 different directions. If you went to any of them and asked them how to do something, they would absolutely show you what to do. It's just during the course of the operation, the fact that some of PT supes are "new" seems to be put on the back burner (not intentionally) when handing out assignments, yelling about some belt being off and get it running etc. I've helped a bunch of them and I'm happy to do so, it is a learning experience, a lot of it trial by fire and adapting fast. I don't regret my decision...most of the time, sometimes it gets to be too much, but on those days I go home (or to school/my other job first haha) relax and realize tomorrow is a new day..mostly.

    ...and if on of those days is a Friday, a couple fingers of whiskey don't hurt either :wink2:
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    Where I am management benefits are not as good as union benefits. Much higher copays and less coverage and paid for by the employee. You should investigate these costs before you do anything if the monetary end of this will be a burden on you. Go to your HR.
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    I know what you mean I don't have any copays except for meds and we get $600 a yr to cover those.
  7. you're absolutely right and they're getting worse :dissapointed:
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    If your just looking for insurance for yourself UPS has some great deals in 2010. I think insurance for yourself NOT FAMILY you pay 0$ in 2010. Maybe wrong but look into it:happy-very:
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    My advice is to stay a union hourly. Your benefits are much better than what's offered to mgmt. The new mgmt benefit options for a family in 2010 is either $2000+ and a $500 deductible OR $372 for the entire year for the family with a very high deductible ($3000) before insurance pays anything.
    BTW.... If you don't already have coverage as a PT hourly, once promoted, you will have to wait 30 days before they go into effect.