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    First and utmost my prayers go out to the people in Haiti. On the news tonight they reported organizations have received 150 million dollars so far, more than Katrina. I am asking all who read this to pass the word-"why not give here in the USA to the local search and rescue teams who give up their own time". I am in the process of searching in the New Jersey/New York area for the search and rescue teams that are going to Haiti to help. These teams need to replace the equipment they use. If you are in agreement pass the word to your friends and relatives, I have. Pass on to Facebook buddies, Twitter or whatever means you have. We need to support our citizens here in the USA. With our support they can continue to do the remarkable work that they do in search and rescue.
    Thank you and I hope you are in agreement.
  2. rod

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    great idea.... at least you would be sure your money went to actually do good
  3. over9five

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    I hear donations are going to surpass Katrina donations. I went to and donated.