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  1. Ok, I bid my sick week as a vac. I called in sick 4 times this year, I got one day pay on my sick week vac., which is fine, now my sup tells me I have to work today and the rest of the week. I called the Union and I was told that I do not have to go into work cause im on vac. and they should have never takin my pay out of my sick week vac....I dont what to do....
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    If you schedule anything for the week you can't get prayed something else also

    if you decide to work a vacation you are not allowed to use sick days because you are already being paid
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    I just read that again , what is your question or problem

    Do you want to work or not
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    Your Local union knows best.
    Even if they (management) consider it a no-call no-show you get 2, and the Local will back you if you called them.
    Contact your BA later today from your home. Sorry they ruined your vacation with this BS.
  5. I do not want to work, I was told by the union they cant make me work, but Im being told I have too. I bid my sick week as a vac. I used 4 days, somebody payed me those 4 days, they shouldnt have, now im yold I have 1 day, and i have to report the rest of the week....
  6. Thanks Morion, they screwing with me cause im filing on back pay also
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    Make sure you touch base with your BA.
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    I don't understand. Were four days already taken prior to this "sick week"? If that's the case then yeah, you gotta go in because you just used your last day.
  9. yes prior to my week off, union call dist. ma. he said i was off
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    But you can't just take time off if you don't have days off to use.
  11. Really Im not, when i called out that was for 1 day, im sick, no pay , I didnt ask them to pay, same asa layoff, they screwed up, and now they want to fix it, its my week off, i will deal with it on mon
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    And parental and funeral leave are something totally different. I've heard of people taking unpaid weeks off before they had earned their vacations but it was under special request with the supervisors and I'm sure they wouldn't have gotten them if there was a chance they would be needed that week.
  13. i even asked my sup last week, and he said yes im on vac. now he is changing his story , its because they been taking 2 dollars an hr on my check, im filing for back pay
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    I really don't understand this whole situation at all. I'm sorry.
  15. i hear ya, i was paid on 4 sick days throughtout the year, i bidded my sick days as a vac., the 4 days i called in sick the whole year, somone took those days out of my sick week vac, they should have not done tht, i should have filed on that also
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    I kinda see what you mean now. Are you saying you just wanted an unpaid day those prior times you called in sick?
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    Call in sick.
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    It sounds like you've already used your sick days, even if it wasn't intentionally done. In my building, you would need to report to work if you're scheduled off (vacation, etc.) but don't have the days left to cover it unless otherwise off by mutual agreement. For example, we have quite a few people in the hub who will bid weeks off on vacation and then use up their vacation days (not contractually) instead of taking voluntary layoffs in January/February and then expect to still be able to take their vacation.

    It's a lot easier to fix a miscoded day before payroll takes it from your entitlement bank than to try to go back and do it several weeks later; why didn't you notice the sick pay on the paychecks from the days they charged you?

    This is why you always need to check your time card to see how you're coded if you've missed work.

    Also, I don't know why you're posted here if you've already talked to your local.
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    Something similar happened to me...

    I chose an 'option week' for an extra week of vacation...

    I had a dead day, the awesome office manager was on vacation, so a sup put in that I wanted to use one of my option days to get paid for the dead day, against my wishes.

    That meant I no longer had enough option days to get paid for my scheduled vacation.

    I still got the time off, but didn't get paid for the week.

    Not a problem for me money-wise, but it was annoying in the sense that I had a plan in place and a sup ruined it.

    End result - I took my vacation, couldn't get paid for it, and had four option days left.

    Had much fun using them after that snafu...