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    Hi All,
    I have been working for UPS in northeast PA for almost 5 yrs now and have a problem. I'm a part-time inside employee and had to go on Short Term Disability due to shoulder surgery in Oct '08...(I am back to work since the first week of March)
    Problem: Short story...because of some bad communication between the insurance company and my claim was denied in Jan '09.....
    I filed an appeal and won the appeal. Also, I got a letter saying I would get my back-pay and my benefits would be returned...retro-active. I finally got all my back-pay.

    Now ..the REAL PROBLEM: I can't get the HR person in Harrisburg (namely..*****) to do her job and send the correct info to the UPS benefits center.

    Question????:::Does anybody have a phone number or email for SCOTT DAVIS? Yeah right.:wink2:

    But seriously, does anybody have a phone number for Corporate or somebody that can help me...PLEASE!!!:angry-very2:

    I have been calling her for weeks, my supervisor emailed her boss in harrisburg to tell them how :censored2: off I am and still have no help.

    Post or send me any info please.. my email
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    grieve this TODAY. who was the "letter" from saying you were owed the back benefits? if it was ups itself admitting they owed you, you should be able to grieve under article 34;b
    "individual health coverage will be made available to part-time employees hired
    after August 1, 2008 after twelve (12) months of active employment"

    to start and make sure you grieve to have the past retirement benefits paid/credited as well.

    i had been "accidentally laid off" after 4 years of service along with several other people after peak a few years ago. i tried to work with the company in good faith. despite the fact that a 4 year employee had lost his health care no one past the center manager gave a ****. the people that just filed grievances had much better success. its a simple contract violation just like you where working and did not get a paycheck.
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    Did you try to call the benefit center yourself? Maybe if you faxed them the letter you received saying you should be reinstated the benefit ctr. could take care of it. I don't know if everyone has the same benefit ctr number, but our number is 1-800-353-9877. It's worth a try. Or perhaps you should try someone higher up in HR to get your problem fixed. Your manager should have names and numbers of HR people. Hope this helps.
  4. Pascr1850

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    The letter was addresed to me ...of course and had the following info on it:

    RE: UPS National Health Plan for Part-Time Employees

    And it was signed...

    Linda Haynes
    Appeal Specialist
    Disability and Absence Management
    Aetna Life Insurance Company

    The company I had to deal with in the past was called Broadspire..but now they call it Aetna. They're from Plantation, Florida.
    I found out that UPS hired them as an outside vender to handle disability claims.
  5. Pascr1850

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    Yes, I have talked to them at the Benifits center every week for the past 6 weeks. They say they didn't get $h!t from HR. The HR person I've been dealing with said she sent them some paperwork and...get this...They only upload the info to the Benifit center once a week..on saturday. WHAT A JOKE.
    Needless to say they obviously didn't send anything.

    I was talking with **** (my sup's boss in Harrisburg) today. I told him everything and he said he would see what he could do. I told him about the info only getting transmitted on saturday and that it was stupid. I asked him if he could just call the Benefit center ON THE PHONE and talk to a HUMAN an get this right. He said he'd get back to me...we will see.
    I'm giving him 'til Monday.
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  6. some1else

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    dont grieve it today.... get the process started
  7. lorri47

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    It is true the benefit center only updates once a week. However once the week is over and the problem is not rectified, your HR employee services supervisor should call again. Your manager or supervisor cannot call the benefit line due to the privacy laws. You are the only one that can call besides the HR coordinator. Can you go up to the HR dept. while they are calling in case you have anything to add. There was probably a mix up and it needs to be fixed by HR. Keep calling HR Sup or their manager until your problem is fixed. There is no reason why you should not have benefits if you are an active employee and you had benefits before your disability began.
  8. jimstud

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    call the employee assistance hotline 1-800-220-4126
  9. Pascr1850

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    I called the employee assistance hotline 1-800-220-4126 and they told me they are not UPS employees. He said they are a 3rd party vender and they can't answer any questions about benefits.
  10. Pascr1850

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    I wish I was able to visit the head HR person in harrisburg, but I live 170 miles away.
    I'm going to call the benefits center monday to see if this is fixed yet.
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    is it true now that missing work for an extended period of time(if not on disability) say ur on FMLA or something else that you lose your benefits? this is what ive heard... if u go on FMLA for 1 month+ you lose your benefits... great new contract we got cant wait for the next one to be even worse!
  12. some1else

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    pascr they wont care until you file a grievance. i went through the same thing; this is simple its just as major as not getting your paycheck for this whole time. your benefits are part of your compensation, and ups is refusing to pay them. i filed for penalty pay; but knew i wouldnt get it we used that as a bargaining chip, and told them that if they fixed it NOW we wouldnt pursue any penalty. i tried doing what you are doing, climbing the chain of hr and benefits center etc. for almost a month. the issue was resolved the same week i filed on it...
  13. Pascr1850

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    Who did you file the grievance against? The center manager or HR or who?
  14. 705red

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    The grievance is against UPS! It does not matter who you file it with as long as a sup signs it. I would file it with your immediate sup and file it now. Also add an article 17 for penalty pay as has already been stated.

    It does not pay to do the right thing. You have tried to give them ample time to resolve it now file before it becomes untimely.
  15. Red Dawn

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    quick and easy. well kinda quick all the insurance company will need is a fax or email from ur district mgr. call insurance company and don't get off phn till u reach the top! when they start their speech just tell then i need to talk to some one who can make a decision now. take names, i filled a whole back of envelop, when you start getting to secretary's you know your getting up high. the floor mgrs will try to halt you. don't give up. stay nice. just tell them i know your doing all that you are allow but i want to talk to some one who can make a decision today. started around 10am, spent about an hour on the phone and got call back from district mgr at 2pm letting me know it was all fixed. :) their is always someone over someone just have to be willing to go the distance. Union lady that handles insurance questions was amazed that i got to talk to the head insurance guy. that's when i knew i had reached the right person.
  16. some1else

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    at the beginning when i was still trying to resolve it i got some high and mighty ups hr manager on whos response was "how did you get this number" lol i told her not to worry about it just get it fixed. i was really mad!

    one of the other people that had the insurance lapse at the same time as me went to the DM's office the same day and wouldnt leave without insurance. the DM said its no big deal you are covered its just a clerical error. the driver said that he would either take the insurance or an am-ex card... i dont know what the agreement was but he was up there screaming for a while

    im not a big grievance person. when i told my center manager the situation he was very upset and really did work for the entire period i was uncovered trying to fix it. i know he called me at least 10 times about it and he probably placed 50 calls total. unfortunately even he could not get it fixed; so i doubt that the OP has much of a chance...

    however once the grievance was filed it was fixed rapidly. this is what the grievance machinery is for; you are not being compensated per your contract! they wont come after you for filling just do it TODAY. you will be really sorry if you end up in the hospital in the meantime.
  17. Red Dawn

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    that's good that you got it all fixed. sounds like you have a good center manager. I didn't have to file because i stayed on phone and got it fixed that day. trust me i have no problem filling a grievance. i like to try and handle it myself before i do. love a challenge.