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Hey all,

First off, i like the new boards!
don't know if you all remember me, but now that I am re-registered, i will be visiting the 'Life After' boards.

what I need help with is this:

Before I got kicked out of UPS driving school, I had to memorize, like all of you have, the All Good Kids Like Milk motto.
Well I am doing a Power point presentation in my business class and feel that driving safely would be a good topic, considering that 2 students had accidents since Thanksgiving.

What i need is the sub-points, like after the Aim High in steering main points.
I remember all the AGKLM points, but i got booted :scared: b4 I retained the sub-points. Appreciate it all, and hope your Christmas season is going as well as it can go.

I feel badly, really do, for the people I left behind this year there.
One of the girls that I supervised is in my business class and said it suks without me, but i think she is just being nice since she also asked me to be a reference for her.:w00t:

take care, MojoBuc2


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Can't help with your question, but welcome back! The drivers are all out late, but I'm sure you'll have an answer from one of them pretty soon. :)


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This is the old Smith System...

Northwest Suburban​
[FONT=BrushScriptMT,Italic]Smith System

Driving School​
5 Keys for Safe Driving​
* Aim High Steering
* Get the Big Picture
* Keep Your Eyes Moving
* Leave Yourself an Out
* Make Sure They See You
Key #1 - Aim High Steering​
Keep 12 15 seconds of eye lead-time H.E.L.T. (Habitual Eye Lead Time)

Look far down the road, where the road disappears.

Know your field of vision.
* Peripheral Vision (Fringe Vision) 98% or 177 degrees of our vision.
* Central Vision (Core Vision) 2% or 3 degrees of our vision.

Key #2 - Get the Big Picture​
Be Aware of all objects and obstacles:​
1 - 2 city blocks ahead.

mile on highways, expressways & country roads.

Sidewalk to Sidewalk.

All of the area around your vehicle.

Key #3 - Keep Your Eyes Moving​
Check mirrors every 5 8 seconds.

Scan your eyes every 2 seconds.

Never stare at an object for more then 2 seconds.
* Eliminate Eye Holding Problems.

Adjust Speed: Speed up or slow down

Change Lanes.

Adjust Radio: Turn on music, turn up music, turn down music, and change station

Roll down window, turn up air conditioner, and turn off heater.

Sing or talk to yourself or others.

Pull over, take a break or get rest.

Key #4 - Leave Yourself an Out​
Leave a 1 car-length space cushion at stop signs and intersections.

Keep at least a 2 seconds following distance in front of your vehicle. (Preferably 4 seconds whenever possible).

Keep at least a 3 seconds following distance during adverse weather.

Eliminate Tailgaters:
* Adjust Speed: Speed up or slow down.
* Change Lanes.
* Allow them to pass: Pull over to the side of the road or turn off on to anther road.
* Signal a warning:

Turn on / Turn off Headlights.

Machine gun brake tap.

Use turn indicators

Key #5 - Make Sure They See You​
Make Eye Contact.

Honk Horn (Twice).

Turn on / Turn off Headlights.

Brake Tap.

Use turn signals.



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If you still have an in at the company, maybe they could get you the teen driver kit that UPS has for employee's kids.


I started this.
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MojoBuc2 said:
Thanks All!

When I finish it, later today, i'll see if Cheryl wants to post the power point presentation.:biggrin:
I'd be happy to post it mojobuc, thank you for sharing.