Help Sandy Pick Her New Head of Package Division

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    With hall running for Sec Treasury Sandy Pope will be looking for someone to headup the IBT Package Division. Maybe someone from lo 705 or 804 or 177??
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    Hhahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Are you kidding me 804 can't run a local never mind small package
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    705Red still hasn`t pulled all his hair out as a new BA. I vote him.
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    To whomever she picks, if you need a secretary who can't sit still, call me!!!!!
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    He is a ba??
  6. not what i voted for

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    You are joking

    You can't be a feeder driver because you wouldn't pass the drug test
  7. not what i voted for

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    If she gets elected we will all be pulling our hair out.
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    SANDY POPE cant get elected DOG CATCHER in california and its ridiculous to suggest that she should start worrying about making appointments.

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    Upstatenyupser. He has about as much chance as she does.
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    The only decision Sandy Pope will have to make after the election will be "how to pay the huge campaign debt" she racked up! See if 804 comes to the rescue!

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    When Hoffa loses, will he have to give UPS' $$ back too??

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    That's not going to cut it in the real world. She is cute though.
  13. The wool was pulled over the 804 members heads with there E board pay cuts, large amounts of money are going to TDU and TEAMSTER RANK AND FILE an affiliate partner. Pulling the safety committies and having there own safety training and other trainings by TRF. TDU was funded about 24,000.00 in TDU services. Thats 24,000.00 of the members funds going to a non union non profit organization. The E board consist of TDU members which is fine I guess, if they truly believed in uniting the IBT, not divide and concoure. Fred G asked Sandy to join him and together they can surely beat Hoffa and joined forces.

    Sandy Pope says she opposes Hoffa policies, but she most likely would not have been nominated at the convention without votes from Hoffa delegates, a number of whom marked their ballots for Pope-hall, Hoffa’s running mate. Hoffa may not know how to run an international union effectively, but he knows the value of having a spoiler candidate split the opposition vote.
    Don’t be fooled. A vote for Sandy Pope helps Hoffa. Here’s why she can’t win:
    •Sandy Pope barely won re-election in her local union, by a mere 66 votes.
    •Sandy Pope does not have a slate of running mates, and will have no General Executive Board members to carry out a program. Incredibly, in campaign stops, Pope, has been telling some members she can appoint a board!! She can’t. Read the IBT constitution.
    •Sandy Pope has no national experience: She was never President of a Joint Council. Never served as Director of an industry conference. She embarrassed herself at the Sept 7 candidates debate by claiming that “UPS hasn’t hired a full time employee in five years.” Fred Z, VP candidate on the Gegare slate points out that “UPS hired dozens at their Louisville facility alone.”
    • Sandy Pope’s Local 805 is in serious financial trouble. During her term in office, assets dropped from $2.570 million in 2001, to $762 thousand in 2009. The local’s pension fund is currently in the red zone, at risk to the members who depend on it.
    Some of Sandy’s friends at TDU are now badmouthing Fred Gegare, but Fred is getting strong support from those who matter, including the respected former Carey administration official Aaron Belk who is running on the Gegare ticket as a Southern Region Vice President candidate. Ron Carey’s son Dan released an eloquent video endorsement of Fred Gegare recalling the leadership role Fred Gegare took along with Aaron Belk in the 1997 national UPS strike.

    Sandy Pope “the Poster Child of TDU”, Teamsters Brothers and Sisters beware, while viewing video clips of Sandy, please remember what happened from 1991 thru 1998 when the TDU endorsed Administration, nearly destroyed the Teamsters, Their "accomplishments?" include:
    1. Gifting millions of dollars of the members' Central States funds to UPS in order to settle the illegal 70 lb strike.
    2. Gutting national contracts, giving away seniority in the NMFA.
    3. TDU member Tom L sending his members across the legal primary picket line of Teamsters Local 104.
    4. Putting the NMFA on strike without allowing them to see any offer and costing them their health and welfare.
    5. Ditto for the auto transporters.
    6. Secondary action against GM causing GM to seek out non-Union auto carriers.
    7. Looting and laundering embezzeled IBT and DRIVE funds to pay for Carey's election campaign.
    8. Lied about contract settlements in order to get a positive vote, "surprising" members later about give-aways.
    9. Refused to allow the Trustees to complete their fiduciary responsiblilty by denying access to the books.
    10. Closed the conferences, devouring their assets, and depriving the Locals of important negotiating and research departments.
    11. Sandy ,Leedam and TDU administration, let a NJ local break the White Rose strike and try to cover up the stealing of strike benefits.
    12. C@S is closing Teamster warehouses and asking for 40% pay cuts I think of TDU, Sandy and the agreement they signed with C@S.

    Sandy’s Accomplishments since 1998:
    1. 1999 Sandy was appointed business agent of Local 805,by President Gerald Whalen, also a TDU member.

    2. 2005 Sandy, bit the hand that fed her and ran against Whalen , and became President of Local 805.

    3. Sandy has lost $1,714,851 of her Local Union's assets. She has steadily lost members every year, going from 1297 members in 2001 to 1066 members today. That is almost 20% of her local's membership. Over this period of time, her compensation has steadily risen each year despite her record of decline. These are facts taken off the LM-2 forms from the Department of Labor website and filed by Ms. Pope herself.

    4. Sandy claims when she became President of Local 805, she took a $40,000.00 reduction in salary (a Falsehood check DOL Filings)

    5. Local 805 pension fund is critically under funded, in the red zone, and under a rehabilitation plan that requires 12.5% increased contributions from employers. Very few pension funds are in as bad a shape as hers.

    6. Local 805 pension fund is in shambles as is her local treasury.

    7. Her organizing numbers are in free fall, much worse than the national average.( Despite International and Joint Council funding Sandy’s orgainizing drives) .

    8. Sandy has been a disaster for her members, If she can't even run a local in the most pro-union city in the country, how does she expect to run the International??

    9.Sady has been charged numerous times by her members, of Election Fraud, all her penalties have been a slap on the wrist (maybe she has a friend of the Government watch dog).

    10. Another false statement 2006 election Sandy was not the leading vote getter on the Leedam slate, Sister Doris Cash received 96,517 votes, Sandy received 93,627 votes.( remember it was slate voting not one man one man voting)

    11. Sandy claims she worked as the Executive Director of the Coalition of Labor Union Women, training and involving new leaders in the labor movement, especially women and minorities ( CLUW, has no such position and no record of Sandy being an active member.

    12. Sandy claims Gegare had offered her the General Secretery Position (another falsehood) he did offer her a Vice President at Large position to bring unity to the Gegare Slate and not help the Hoffa slate by forming a third ticket. ( it was quite evident Hoffa Delegates voted for Sandy creating a third ticket).

    “TNT Comment”, Sandy if you really want to bring back the power of the Teamsters, lose your ego, and join the team of brothers and sisters, who are striving to make a great organization.
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    Do you really not believe some kind of deal hasn't been made between Fred and Dan? If Gegare wins (which he won't) I bet dollars to pennies Dan Carey winds up at the IBT in some way shape or form.
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    Let's just vote for the hot girl in the M&M's "hungry eyes" commercial.
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    Just vote... !