Help with my ups package plz?

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  1. Alright so hurricane **** sandy **** up my package it should on been here today do to this Scheduled Delivery:
    Thursday, 11/01/2012, By End of Day so i check on my **** it shoulds its still in Nj Edison, NJ, United States 11/01/2012 9:20 P.M. Departure Scan
    Secaucus, NJ, United States 10/31/2012 11:49 P.M. Departure Scan
    10/31/2012 12:09 P.M. Arrival Scan
    Edison, NJ, United States 10/29/2012 2:40 P.M. Adverse weather conditions.
    Edison, NJ, United States 10/28/2012 11:38 A.M. Origin Scan
    United States 10/29/2012 12:06 A.M. Order Processed: Ready for UPS so the question is when am i gonna get my **** and when are they gonna update my new Scheduled Delivery???? cause i rly need to know when my **** is gonna be here i work and i dont want my **** to get stole while im at work and stuff... so can i have some help plz?
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    We r terribly sorry due to extreme circumstances we can only tell you that you will likely have your package by mid week next week. Thank you for trying please come back.

    PS 1-800-pick-ups
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    Calm down...its just caught in a back log, its most likely still in seacaucus in a trailer than hasnt yet been unloaded due to the the weather backlog. We process hundreds of thousands of packages a day throughout New Jersey and thats 5 days a week. So you can see that when we cant deliver anything it piles up fast. You have to realize that we didnt deliver a single package in the state of New Jersey for almost 2 days...thats absolutely unprecidented for us. Its also largely due in part to the fact that your state delclared a state of emergency meaning our trucks couldnt be on the roads anyway. You will get your stuff, more than likely by the end of the day Monday. Patience is a virtue...

    *disclaimer* I in no way speak for the company, Im merely an employee of the company giving you an answer based soley on the working knowledge I have gained in my time with the company.
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    I heard we will be getting all of our backlogged parcels on Monday.
    That should really screw up the entire week.
  5. I know what ya saying but the long wait its getting into my head
  6. what does Last Location:Departed - Edison, NJ, United States, Thursday, 11/01/2012 mean?
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    there are people in your state who have NOTHING left...NOTHING...a small amount of humility goes a long way theses days...
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    looks like they have it sorted it out now and your package is moving again, how far are you from edison nj?
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    No offense, but maybe a little less of this(UNITSH_120A_AllAboutMe.jpg) would go a long way considering a minimum of 72 people died due to Sandy.
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    God called......he said he is making a change......the universe will revolve around you now.
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    HAHAHAHA UPS overrode the order. :devil3:
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    Just keep fist pumping, we're doing what we can
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    The system is clogging up at the New Jersey hubs. Conveyer belts need electricity to run. Power lines are down all over the area. My extension cord is too short to reach them from Massachusetts.
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    Yup, rails are coming in hot & heavy today, Sat, and Sun. Peak day is Monday!!!!

    Maybe if we joined a couple together?
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    You know damn well that they will pull apart!!!

  17. Ok, um my scheduled delivery date my package should of got hear yestday but it didnt so it dispeared when will it be updated right this **** time for i can get my :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:
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  18. Ups no scheduled delivery date?

    Alright so my package should of been hear... by now but because of hurrcane...sandy... its stil not here.[TABLE="class: dataTable"]
    [TR="class: odd"]
    [TD="class: nowrap, bgcolor: #FFFFFF"]Edison, NJ, United States[/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap, bgcolor: #FFFFFF"]11/01/2012[/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap, bgcolor: #FFFFFF"]9:20 P.M.[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #FFFFFF"]Departure Scan[/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"]Secaucus, NJ, United States[/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"]10/31/2012[/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"]11:49 P.M.[/TD]
    [TD]Departure Scan[/TD]
    [TR="class: odd"]
    [TD="class: nowrap, bgcolor: #FFFFFF"][/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap, bgcolor: #FFFFFF"]10/31/2012[/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap, bgcolor: #FFFFFF"]12:09 P.M.[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #FFFFFF"]Arrival Scan[/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"]Edison, NJ, United States[/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"]10/29/2012[/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"]2:40 P.M.[/TD]
    [TD]Adverse weather conditions.[/TD]
    [TR="class: odd"]
    [TD="class: nowrap, bgcolor: #FFFFFF"]Edison, NJ, United States[/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap, bgcolor: #FFFFFF"]10/28/2012[/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap, bgcolor: #FFFFFF"]11:38 A.M.[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #FFFFFF"]Origin Scan[/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"]United States[/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"]10/29/2012[/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"]12:06 A.M.[/TD]
    [TD]Order Processed: Ready for UPS[/TD]
    And last night my ups scheduled delivery dispeared at like 12:00am i guess cause my package should of been hear yestday the question is when is my ups scheduled delivery gonna be updated and when will i recived my package had it on a 3 day shipping.... into hurricane sandy hits >.> Help plz
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    Re: Ups no scheduled delivery date?

    You'll get it when you get it. I'm sorry but that's the best answer anybody can give you. Some of our hubs are still not running. And unfortunately your 3 day guarantee blew out the window when Sandy blew in.
  20. Re: Ups no scheduled delivery date?

    Thanks for ya help man.... u did well