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    I got hired for UPS a little over a month ago. I blew through NSPT, I rule on the DIAD, but I am having trouble with coming in under allowed. I haven't qualified yet and I am scared that I won't. The route they started me with is a training route and I was doing great I was shaving ten to fifteen minutes off everyday, then all of a sudden the other drivers started giving me things they didn't want, areas that are way off my trace and areas I know nothing about. I am also not allowed to load my own car, this also screws me up really bad, because it seems that every driver has a different way of loading. I am now like 2 hours over daily or more. One of the guys says that if if I don't come in under than I won't qualify, another said that I have nothing to worry about. Every driver in our center is over-allowed, and we have no managers. I had an on-car supe ride with me for a couple of days and she saw it all. She said they better qualify me or she will have something to say about it. So any advice would be great, Thank you guys in advance.
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    I assume that you are an off-the-street hire and that your center is not on PAS/EDD. I also assume that you are working in a satellite enter as you said that you don't have any managers and the drivers load their own pkg cars. First of all, you need to take only those pkgs that are for your area. You are trying to qualify and the last thing you need to be doing is doing someone elses work for them. Second, continue to work on and refine your methods. It sounds as though you have the DIAD down but I would be willing to bet that there are a few tricks that you haven't learned yet (multiple left ats, classifying commits res or com, Find BC). Third, relax--it sounds as though you are doing fine and should have no problem qualifying.
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    Welcome to BrownCafe, Yuttynutt!

    You'll get lots of advice here, let us know what happens.
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    Yeah, I am an off the street hire I worked in the oil field until lay-offs put me out of work and no benefits for my family. I was looking for any jobs over 16 an hour and with good benefits. My driving record is impeccable and work ethic is great so I took the chance and they picked me out of a lot of other applicants so I really don't want to blow this. The one guy who told me I have to run under has only been here five months from another town and he runs under everyday, but he's the only one and I have rode with him and wow, he's fast. As for PAS no we don't have it and I have learned no one likes to put their addresses out front of their houses. I think the biggest thing is not being able to load my own car if I did that I would know where everything is instead of having to hunt for it and then finding some randomly placed on a different shelf and having to make duplicate stops. Ten more days to my qualify time, so I hope I get it figured out, I love the job, I'm just stressing about it and so is my fiancee, again thanks for any advice.
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    You MUST relax. I know it's not easy, but try. You know the diad, the on road thinks you do a good job. Concentrate on good methods between now and qualifying day. It sounds like you'll be fine. Good luck.
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    Why do the other drivers load and you can't? And though heavily frowned upon, I would get to work early and in my truck and make sure I knew where stuff is. After you get passed on your 30 days, not so much in the truck early. And why are other drivers giving you stuff? Is it that you do it or that you HAVE to do it? Might be they are dumping stops on a rookie.

    What's the story on your handle, "yuttynutt?". If you don't mind, am just "curious."
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    I unload the feeder every morning and am not allowed to load my own car, they stressed this when I started, I tried to come in early a couple of times and they made me leave until my scheduled time.
    As for my handle I've been on the net since I was twelve and wanted a name with no numbers, underscores etc. If you google my name I am everywhere it's kinda cool, it its my name everywhere and no one else has it.
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    Yutty nut :worry about what is controllable by you and don't worry about what you can't control. Sounds like you are doing a good job and you are in the home stretch. Many jockeys and their horses screw up in the final stretch because they try to do more than they are capable of doing in order to have a better finish and end up not finishing at all. In other words, work safely and don't hit nuttin' . An accident will disqualify you. Don't worry about the end result , worry about the process and the end result will be the best it can be under the circumstances you are working with.
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    Yutty, if your unloading before you go on route your probably an hour over allowed before you hit the street as unload is part of your planned day. If your not given enough delivery work that would make you underdispatched that also increases your over allowed. You should only be evaluated using your on-road time. JMO
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    YO yn ,glad you came here for advice.If you are indeed not on pas or edd leave the bldg and go to your first air stop.Go in the back and sort your car.If you have more than 8 10:30 commits,bang them off first and do it then.Try to deliver air and ground together.Try to be efficient but work safe.Remember that every half minute you waste at each stop works out to 40 minutes with 120 stops.Refuse to take anything off the other drivers.Speak up for yourself.You have a good attitude,dont worry so much.
    Now go forth and deliver.
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    That 1/2 minute wasted at each stop equaling 40 minutes is a great thing to be aware of early in your driving career. That can also count for all the time spent in your truck looking for packages. This is probably where you are losing a ton of time. Maybe another ride-along w/the supe before your 30 days are up?

    Good luck. I am hoping that UPS is thinking you are good material, worth all the money and time invested in you and pass you. Keep us posted, I know you will be telling us that you passed probation. Don't forget you have to buy donuts for the rest of the drivers when you pass! (and no cheap ones either!!)
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    If other drivers are giving you their freight, just politely return their freight. Taking on other freight during training puts you at a horrible disadvantage.
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    Good luck. Sounds like you have the right attitude. Don't let tho other drivers' comments about qualifying influence you,(talking about the guys you work with). Try your best to do things the way you are instructed. If your supe thinks you are doing a good job, your co-workers' opinions mean nothing. If you can refuse to take stops from other drivers do so and let them know that at this time you can't cover their work. Look out for you because they are looking out for themselves by trying to get you to do their work.