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    I have been very active in my union for many years. We have had great turmoil in the last few years and have essentially lost most of our prior strength. Through the years I have filed numerous grievances-especially when other means of resolution have failed. A certain degree of retaliation has always been the case- really sucks-but the reality of doing anything against UPS; even if it is simply upholding a legally binding contract. At the moment-and with our weekness I have been retaliated against in unheard of methods. I am at an older age and have alot of seniority but have been put in the hardest job in the building-for back to back shifts. I have already suffered numerous injuries and last night had 6 stiches-my hand was sliced open. The company is trying to show everyone what will happen if they file grievances-extreme retaliation. I continue to file about their actions but the process can take months or longer. I was at the doctor last night and he was appauled-I had bruises all over my body. I need help-I can go to federal organizations but not until all stages of the grievance procedure have been exhausted. They r trying to force me to quit or become so injured that I will have to go on Worker's comp. and no longer be in the building. Wounded but still fighting-any suggestions for a David who needs to slay a Goliath?
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    Hell I need somebody. Help not just anybody. Help. "Beatles "
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    sounds like you should drink a big glass of " slow the hell down , go take a 30 minute dump , get about 20 water fountain drinks and read every label , name address , city state and zip aloud " juice throughout the sorts , continue to file , they will eventually get the message .
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    absolutely. Just start stealing time back from the company. Too wrongs cancel each other out.
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    Bring in prunes and laxatives, for maximum effect.
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    And this statment comes from a person who works in a department that whole purpose is to screw people out of time...
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    no it does not. I am in operations. The department you describe does not actually exist. I understand why you think that it does, and I understand why you are frustrated with that department.

    None of which justifies people suggesting a person respond to a difficult situation by stealing.
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    Don't do anything stupid. Just keep your head up, work to the best of your ability. They will move on.
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    You sound like a person who suffers from anxiety, brought on by undo work related stress.
    Perhaps you should seek medical help and enroll in interminent FMLA.
    It will insulate you from further harrassment and will provide you new avenues to document your struggles and strained relationship with management.

    Oh yea, and they will absolutely hate it.
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    I have heard on multiple occasions ops mangers discuss ie numbers and such and how they are unrealistic in todays UPS...sorry for throwing you into the mix just saw your screen name and assumed..