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    I've done a search on the forums for this but have yielded few results. Wondering if any of you Helper Coordinator's can assist?

    I have just been solicited by pinnacle-technology . They said they are outsource talent search agent. They want to recruit me to become a Helper Coordinator. I'm looking to see what you can tell me about the above??? Legit? Type and scope of work?

    Thank you
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    You assign helpers to drivers. Pray they will pick up the phone when you call, if they do beg them to come in, and then set up meet times and points.
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    It is a short term month job. Chance you may be hired in when your done. So if you need extra money go for it.
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    Run now!!

    Run away screaming while you still have a chance!
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    Basically, you'll work out of a UPS facility. In a smaller facility, you may be the only helper coordinator (but receive limited assistance from management) but in a larger facility there may be a group(s) of coordinators. Every day you'll receive a listing of drivers who need a helper; it will be your job to confirm with each driver what time & where they'll pick up their helper and if they know who they want to work with. Confirmation is suppose to be done daily, even if circumstances don't change, but enforcement will vary. If the driver has a helper in mind, you must contact that person and confirm he/she will be available to work that day. If the driver doesn't, than your job will be to find him somebody to work with. This will involve calling a listing of people who live in the area the driver will be delivering until you find somebody willing to work for every driver that needs help. Your goal should be to match a helper to a driver to minimize your effort (but again, confirmation should be done daily even if circumstances don't change; again, enforcement will wildly vary).

    You'll deal with A LOT of drama. Drivers who don't want helpers, drivers who have legitimate complaints about their helpers, drivers who will only work with big breasted blond girls that are cute and weigh no more than 100 lbs., helpers who need to work around school, helpers who have infinite excuses, helpers who confirm their availability but they don't show up, helpers calling because their driver is late, etc. Again, A LOT of drama.

    You'll also be responsible for assigning uniforms, collecting them (this is a beast of a job) and giving paychecks to drivers to hand to their helpers.

    It's a short-term job. If you began tomorrow, you'd work 17 days through (and including) Christmas Eve (no weekends). Depending on your facility's needs, you might work the 3 days between Christmas & New Year's Eve, and up to 10 in January -- but realistically 5 or less. You'd probably work 12 hours or so most days, but the good news is that you'll gross over $5000 for the short duration of the job.
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