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  1. Indecisi0n

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    Lets hear them.

    My helper quit on me by 12:30. We were driving down the road and he turns to me and says "I am done. Please drop me off." LOL
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    My helper works the preload. One day he went home to change, fell asleep on the couch and woke up several hours later. He was a no-show and the center had to scramble to find a helper on short notice. He was back on the car with me the following day.
  3. AKX

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    My helper has a total of maybe 6 teeth in the top of his mouth. I cringe everytime I see him talking to a customer. I wont even get started on his breath
  4. A few years ago I was on my way to pickup my helper at Wendy's around 9:00. It wasn't a bad day but rain was in the forecast. I got there and the helper asked if he was going to get wet and I said probably. He turned around and left.
  5. Covemastah

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    I told a helper that I didn't trust ,that the bulkhead door light was a camara,,,Came back to find him sitting on floor nervous and starring at it LOL
  6. Covemastah

    Covemastah Suspension Ovah !!! Tom is free FU Goodell !!

    Picked up new helper one day and this 20 yr old kid tells me I was "lucky " to have him,,"I grew up in this neghborhood and know it better than you ! "" Well ha ha we got 3 blocks from his house and he didn't know a single street...
  7. I had a helper a few years agon just about fall out of the truck when we were going around a turn i had to grab him by his jacket and pull him in. My helper last year just slowed me down he would walk with his hand in his pocket and wait for customers to answer the door at every stop. got rid of him after one day and worked the rest of peak alone.
  8. soberups

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    About 20 years ago, I got sent to deliver to the uber-wealthy, upper-crust city of Lake Oswego in a rental van. My helper (a) was never issued a uniform and (b) was a black man. We had the police called on us twice in one evening because "a black guy with a flashlight was running through peoples yards in the dark" according to the cop who pulled us over. The poor guy was having a helluva time getting signatures because no one would open the door for him. I wound up having to give him my jacket and hat so that he wouldnt get shot.
  9. rod

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    I had helpers show up with no gloves and low cut tennis shoes when its zero out and 2 feet of snow on the ground. I had one quit after he saw this 1st check. The worst one I had was a kid that had grown up in the little town I delivered to. All he wanted to do was talk to his friends and family. Sad thing was - he was the son of a fellow UPS driver and wouldn't even listen to his Dad about how to be a good jumper. (The first thing his Dad said to me when he found out he was going to be my helper was - "I'm sure glad you have him-not me" so I had an idea what I was in for. The best one I had was a young gal who I was like Superwomen.
  10. hypocrisy

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    I used to deliver in a suburb that was 98% upper middle class white. One year I had a black guy for my helper and as usual I would let him know that there weren't any vicious dogs on the route. Well, apparently they were all racist dogs because he was chased back to the package car more often than not. One ancient basset hound that usually never moved from his porch became the wildest, snarling beast I have ever seen. He figured out real fast how to shut the door because that pooch was coming in to get him. My helper was scared to death but I couldn't stop laughing.
  11. soberups

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    A couple of years ago, I went to pick up my helper and the poor gal was in practically in tears because the uniform pants they gave her didnt even come close to fitting properly. They were way too long, and the butt was way too loose and baggy and hanging down in back. They looked like clown pants. I took her to a gas station with a restroom and told her to go ahead and change back into her jeans. As far as I was concerned, a UPS coat and hat would be more than enough. Being able to wear pants that werent falling down around her ankles did wonders for her attitude and she wound up being an excellent helper for me.
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    A few years ago I had a helper for a week. He was working out OK, but there seemed something was a little 'off'. That Friday we exchanged cell phone numbers so I could arrange meet times easier. That weekend he calls my cell phone to tell me that he could not work for UPS any more because he was committed to a mental institution. I had a few helpers over the years that had driven me crazy but this was a first for me.
  13. Brownsfan

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    We have a driver in our building who had sex with his lady helper in the pkg car. I wonder how that conversation started. lol
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    So if you ever receive a sticky package...
  15. soberups

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    One year I had a pervert customer in an apartment who got packages every day and he started making lewd and inappropriate comments to my female helper. After the second or third time it happened she complained to me about it, so from that point on I had her stay in the car at that stop while I made the delivery. The look on the pervs face when he realized it was ugly old me at the door instead of my attractive young female helper was priceless. I'm not a violent person, but I was just praying that he was perverted enough to grab my ass so that I would be legally entitled to beat the living sh&t out of him. Alas, it never happened.
  16. gman042

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    I must say that I have had the best helper this year as any year before. The first day I showed him how to run both versions of the diad and all I need to do is load the boards with the stops. No EDD here. He makes the delivery and comes back completes the stop in the board. Impressed me.
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    That is the best freaking one I've ever heard.

    Officer, I just saw a UPS truck go by and now there's a black guy runing around with packages he is stealing from people. Funny stuff dude.

    I'm in ghetto country mostly and people afraid to answer cause they either think I'm THe 5-0 cause I knock on doors like a cop or A burlger. I'm a white guy.

    They nervously peak or jump on the door like rambo. like they about to get into a fight.

    I'm like, dude I come to give u something, not take u away, LoL.

    I'm your Boy, i'm the man with goods in my hand. Hooking ya up so Holler @ ya Boy Yo.

    I'm glad to be done with the day and go back to the country, were I live.
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    News @ 10. A ups driver was seen today beating the crap out of a customer on his own porch as customer was GOOSING the UPS man.

    I had a ghetto girl come up to truck and asked if I had a package for here. I verified her address and name, she signed for it.

    She was so excited, aid ohh you sexy, I gotta touch you and reached intruck and started rubbing my calf with all her friends watching.

    Girl, I'm married, i said and laughed as I toke off!!
  19. Backlasher

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    Was he over allowed.

    Lol, not much to brag about if he ran minus's that day, LMBO.
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    "Aunt Sara, I have always......"